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In honor of the New Year, we at OurWitness have a New Year’s resolution.  This year, we want to take time to give thanks and appreciation to those who deserve it most but often go unrecognized. The people whose contributions so often occur behind the scenes.


It’s with that inspiration that we at OurWitness have decided to try out a brand new social media movement highlighting those that are doing great things for others behind the scenes, in the shadows, without announcing it to the world. The #UnsungHeroes in each persons life.


In the month of January, we’ll be sharing a series of photos & captions on our Instagram (@ourwitness), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsOurWitness) and Twitter (@ourwitness) with the hashtag #UnsungHeroes.


The idea is simple.  We’re asking people to:


1) Take a photo of or with your Unsung Hero (or use an existing photo of them) and explain in a brief caption why they deserve to be honored.


2) Just send in your photo and caption to team@ourwitness.com. Don’t have time to take a photo? Send in your caption alone and our creative team at OurWitness will choose a great photo for you!


Example Photo:



Example Caption:

My #UnsungHero is the parking attendant near my office building. He literally works all day, every day, usually in the hot LA sun, and still he greets us with a smile and a big wave. He even runs and checks to point out open parking spaces when I drive in, and I’m always so grateful that his smiling face is the first I see when I start my work day. #UnsungHeroes #OurWitness

Pay it forward by honoring your hero with a photo and caption and ask them to share their heroes too! Use the hashtags #UnsungHeroes #OurWitness and tag us @ourwitness. 


Example Photo 2:


Example Caption 2:

Almost two years ago, Jenny and Kris lost their only son to a drunk driver.  They left their home country to come to America and worked 7 days a week for 20 years just to give their son a better life, but now he’s gone.  Even though they’re heartbroken, everyday they still serve all of their customers with love, and treat them like family.  They hug every customer that comes through the door and are never seen without a smile.  Most people will never know their hurt, but the power of their love for others carries on every day.  That’s why Jenny and Kris are my Unsung Heroes. #UnsungHeroes #OurWitness

Pay it forward by honoring your hero with a photo and caption and ask them to share their heroes too! Use the hashtags#UnsungHeroes #OurWitness and tag us @ourwitness.


We’ve already received submissions and photos from all around the world.


We’ll share some of the most liked photos on OurWitness.com - so head over to our social media accounts and check out the photos now!


Most importantly, we want the person who is an unsung hero in your life to receive the recognition that they are so deserving of!  All you need to do is take a photo and provide a brief caption as demonstrated above. Then post it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us at @ourwitness and use the hashtags #OurWitness and #UnsungHeroes so we know we can share it on our page!  If you’d rather email it to us, send them our way at team@ourwitness.com and we’ll post it! (Let us know if you’d like to be anonymous or if you’d like us to tag you on Instagram.)


We look forward to spreading a culture of honor by way of this campaign!


Image Credit: Unsplash / Joshua Earle