Something Was Missing

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Does your church need a wake up call?  Our friend Stephen shares an inspiring story of God bringing the Holy Spirit back to a church that was just going through the motions. 

I have been attending a church for the past 5 Sundays and it’s the kind of place where it’s hard to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at all.  They come sing their hymns, listen to the sermon and say their goodbyes and church is over. The members are mostly in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. The reason I’ve been going is because a Korean church rents this place and the Korean church is also pretty much Holy Spirit-less.

One day, the Father told me to keep attending and there will be a chance to pray for people from both services and they will get healed and this will be the sparkplug to invite the Holy Spirit to come…[click “Read More” below to continue] Finally, this past Sunday, I was able to pray for a caucasian brother in his 70s who has had diabetes and cyatic nerve pains in his right hip for a long time.

Right after I prayed for him he said he felt the Holy Spirit (Extreme heat shoot up his arms and whole body) but couldn’t tell if he was healed of his diabetes and his hip pain. Well today, three days later, I get a text message from him from the hospital and he states that his blood results were the best in 10 years and that his right hip is 80% healed! YAY JESUS!!!

I also prayed for an older Korean man because he was experiencing severe left shoulder pain and afterwards I saw from a distance that he kept looking strangely at his left shoulder and moving it around (I’ll have an update on him hopefully next weekend)…

Anyways, I just want to encourage people that when we pray for people, sometimes we might not see instant healing happen, but since the bible does state from Mark 16:18 “… they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” we must have faith that GOD will make things work out so that THEY WILL GET WELL!!! It might take several minutes, several hours, several days, or several months, but every single time since we pray and BELIEVE in the WORD of GOD, the end results will majority of times be that THEY WILL GET WELL!!!