My Life Changed

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Have you ever made a series of poor decisions which left you in a dark place, feeling hopeless?  In this brief Q&A, our friend Chelsey shares about how she was delivered from a negative lifestyle pattern and made new.

Briefly tell us about yourself:

Hi I’m Chelsey and I’m 19 years old. I currently attend Mesa community college in San Diego, and I plan on transferring to Point Loma Nazarene University to study Theology.  I have two part time jobs, run track for my school, and spend as much time as possible being apart of my awesome church called All Peoples.

Describe your lifestyle before you came to Jesus:

Before I moved to San Diego I lived in “sin city”. My lifestyle matched the name extremely well.  Although I was for the most part raised to know Jesus I let my surroundings bring me away from Him. I have a very long story of unbelievable things especially in comparison to who I am now, but in short I was addicted to partying, drinking, and ecstasy. I was also sexually active with my boyfriend and more after he cheated on me.

On top of that I got into all kinds of trouble and my mom didn’t know much of anything about it. And worst of all, when I first moved to San Diego I was so desperate to prove to my family that I could take care of myself that I got into stripping. I was so for from God it’s hard to even remember much of it.

What caused you to give your life to Jesus?

I can’t really pin point what caused me to give my life to Jesus, but I can say being at complete rock bottom helped. I was trying to fill so many voids in my life on my own and things just continued to get worse. When I moved out to San Diego I met a really great friend who often invited me to church. I would go time-to-time but nothing ever really clicked until Father’s Day of this year. A few nights before Father’s Day my friend and I had a long talk and I had a chance to repent of my sins out loud. I had never forgiven my father for not being in my life until that day. The pastor had talked about God being your father when your worldly father can’t and it just changed everything for me. I looked and felt like God was my dad who loved me regardless of all the things I had done to shame him, and I never wanted to shame him or hurt him again.

Describe your lifestyle now that you are with Jesus? How has your life changed?

My lifestyle has completely changed since I’ve given my life to Jesus. I have life group (Bible study) on Tuesdays, early morning prayer on Wednesdays, college ministry on Thursdays, and church and Sunday night dinner on Sundays. I have completely centered my life around God and I must tell you I have never been so secure and happy.

What would you say to others in your age-group who have not chosen to surrender their lives to Jesus?

If I could tell them one thing out of everything I’ve learned in my short walk, I would tell them that God lifts up the most unlikely of people. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough or that you’ve done too many bad things: God loves you, and he will forgive you and use you in a major way.