Jason Chu: The Man, The Music, The Message

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Jason Chu

At age 11, Jason Chu began what would be his long journey through sex addiction. It started with a Victoria’s Secret Angels image he saw while in the mall, something he had seen numerous times since childhood, but as Jason describes, this was the first time he really saw it.

He raps about it in his song “No Angels,” located on his YouTube page jasonchumusic https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonchumusic

“It all started when I was 11, at the mall I saw angels, but they didn’t come from heaven—

From their curves to their lips, feminine perfection— To youthful eyes they were basically naked—That night, my imagination thrived, they haunted my eyes… So full of innocence I didn’t even know what I stepped into— Setting foot upon this road, one picture turned to two—Two turned into four, then next thing I knew I was way out of control—“

That night was Jason’s first experience with masturbation. As his desires grew, he delved deeper into sexual and pornographic imagery, which began to consume his views of love and sex towards women in real life. “I definitely had the whole ‘virgin/whore’ mindset—if a girl was pure, she was not a sexual being at all, but if she wasn’t pure, she was a whore.” He felt like there was nothing better than sex all the time, yet, as a Christian, he still viewed sex as corruption.

It was when a close friend of Jason’s confessed that he too was battling sex addiction that prompted Jason to take responsibility and seek counseling.  “He was the first person I ever knew to say ‘I am a sex addict.’” Jason started counseling for sex addiction at the Center of New Direction in Pasadena, CA, where his counselor Bob helped go through his “baggage” and lead him to recovery. Now, years later, Jason is able to share his story to promote conversation on a subject that otherwise does not get discussed in Christian circles.

“I saw a contradiction in the vague way that Christendom talks about sexuality in contrast to the openness and plainness found in the world… Porn and sexual temptation is the elephant in the room in Christian circles.” Jason stresses that he will “never be in favor of censorship,” but he wants to use his music ministry not to eradicate the conversation on sex and porn culture, but to shift the culture to be more spirit-filled.

Jason tackles tough subjects like sex addiction with an urban story-telling flare, as his Asian-American heritage is doused in the fiery swag of his musical influences: rap legends Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. Though he was born to immigrant Chinese parents in a conservative Christian household, has a philosophy degree from Yale University, and attended seminary school, Jason has the swagger and soul of urban America. He uses his diverse background to minister to demographics around the country—from the teenage hip-hop heads in local churches who love the beat and flow, to the suburban mothers who appreciate the honesty of the message.

“My focus is speaking hope and healing in a broken world… to let people know they are not alone.” Jason wants to speak this for Christians and also for those who are broken and looking for more, and uses his own experiences to start the conversation.  No matter what the subject, Jason’s music is sure to “keep it real” while putting God first, and will be a promising addition to anyone’s musical playlist.

Check out more of Jason’s music below at http://www.jasonchumusic.com/

Writer: Kristian Cloyd