If You Seek Him With All Your Heart, You Will Find Him…

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My name is Annie, and I have lived in Los Angeles pretty much all my life. I was raised in a Buddhist family. As I was growing up, my mom would take me to the temple, and I was taught that Buddhism was the only religion for me. When I was a little girl there were nights that I would pray to God, at that time I don’t even know who He was yet. I went through a phase of Buddhism then eventually I was stuck between the two religions, and I couldn’t decide.  It took me a while trying to figure it out. 

I would say about 5 months ago, that’s when I truthfully encountered God in my life. I was going through a break-up with my boyfriend of 3 years.  It wasn’t a bad relationship – we had a great time.  But I felt there was something missing.  I wasn’t completely happy mentally, and spiritually, I wasn’t fulfilled – I felt like I needed to search for something more. I was sad, but I wasn’t devastated by the break-up, because I knew God had a better plan for me. I believe “when God takes away something from you, he just clears the way for something greater.” 

In Mid May of 2010 It’s all started when my dear friend Kim Nguyen invited me to an event at her church when Nick Vujicic was ministering there. He was born with no arms, no legs, but he is happier than most human beings on earth! His words about Christ has touched my heart in a way that I never felt before. I actually started crying at church, it was the tears of joy!  That’s when I knew the Holy Spirit had taken over me.

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I was still in denial because I was afraid my parents would be disappointed in me if I ever even think about converting to Christianity. I would talk to my co-workers, and friends about the relationship that I have with God, and I would ask them, what should I do?  They were telling me that they would pray for me , so that God would reveal more of himself to me.  Prayer is truly so amazing, because he has revealed so much of His love, and blessing in my life. How can I not believe it, but still I wasn’t ready for baptism yet.  

One afternoon I was having a farewell lunch with my friend Warren Yip. The last time I’d seen him was right before he moved back to San Francisco. It was almost like God meant for us to have that conversation.  I was telling him about the situation I was in, and he said he was in the same place as me in the past. He asked me If I have time to check out GBS prayer meetings, and bible study nights. A week later, I attended GBS Tuesday prayer meetings for the first time.  It was an amazing feeling when I was there!  I met countless wonderful and helpful people there. I was getting excited because I knew I was getting closer to God, and also having all my questions answered. I came to realize that it’s not even about a religion anymore its about the relationship that you have with Him that’s most important.  I slowly started to see signs of miracles. He would draw certain people to me in my life for different purposes. There were many incidents that I would pray to Him and He would answer my prayer instantly!  I was quite shocked at that moment when it happened. He is truly an amazing and loving God! 

October 20, 2010 was the date I got baptized.  I believe Jesus Christ is my savior! It was one of those unplanned moments – I just knew in my heart it was the right time and I was ready for it! Thanks to my sisters in Christ Ashley and Grace for being there to baptize me. It was such an amazing night! I felt so much joy, peace, and happier than ever in my life! “In Jesus Christ’s great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope”. My happiness and peace will not stop as long I have strong faith in him.  He does work in a mysterious way …I just want to share this great story of my life to everyone cause I know He is real. He will work his way into each and everyone’s life that is seeking out for him on his own time, be patient with God…..

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