I asked God to just let me die

Part 2 of Sergio’s Story: I Asked God to Just Let Me Die

It’s a warm May evening, and how better to spend it than by chillin’ with my buddy Sergio at Rockharbor Church. Sergio is preparing to volunteer at Alpha class, the very same class that he came to know Jesus through.…

Parents Who Lost Their Only Son to a Drunk Driver

Could you please pray for my friends Chris and Jenny? They are an older Korean Christian couple who run a dry cleaner business in Echo Park. Last year, they lost their only son (who was in his 20′s) to a…

High School Student Revival in Los Angeles!

High School Student Revival in Los Angeles!

Did you know there is a revival going on in high schools all around Los Angeles and Southern California? Christian clubs are growing from 2 or 3 gathering together, to packed gyms and auditoriums of hundreds crying out to the Lord!


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Pray for LA

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