#WithoutBorders Movement: Week 1

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Last week we launched our first ever social media movement on Instagram and Facebook asking people to answer the simple question “Where has God led you?” with a caption and a photo symbolizing their journey.  These are just a few of the amazing stories we received from around the world:


Cecilia from Hong Kong shared:


“7 years in the legal profession later, I’m stepping out of the corporate world. I am going to train to become an elementary school teacher. My calling is to shape children’s characters and values through everyday teaching – to shepherd beginnings. For once, I don’t have a backup plan and I’m letting God lead me into the unknown. Every time I worry or doubt, His peace and wonders leave me in awe and my heart’s only response is ‘Yes, I will follow You.’”


A reader from Los Angeles shared:


“Three years ago I was working at a top accounting firm and appeared to have it all together. But my life felt empty and I began to put my energy into material things and not relationships. God then entered my life and called me out to stop and reflect on where my life was going. He has challenged me to seek new opportunities to serve and stop relying on the opinions of others, but to act on ways on how I can use gifts for the greater glory.”


Michelle from Toronto shared:


“I would never have guessed that I would go on a missions trip to Asia for six weeks, and then again for ten months. I held a misconception that overseas trips were reserved for faith superstars. God has since shown me how He transforms and empowers ordinary people to display His extraordinariness through His Spirit. The same invitation Jesus extended to Peter in the boat, he extends to each one of us too: Come.”


Have something to share?  We want you to join our online movement!

Where has God led you?  

Send your photo and caption to us at team@ourwitness.com or tag us on Instagram with @OurWitness and the hashtag #WithoutBorders and we might share your submission on our blog, Instagram or Facebook page!