When I Grow Up

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In the spirit of Mother’s Day this week, our Voice Sherea shares her story of what it means to be called as a mother.

Every night before my two young girls get ready for bed, we spend time enjoying their favorite books. Although my goal is to keep it to one favorite, the girls always end up choosing five or six. One night, my oldest daughter selected the book “When I Grow Up” to be included in the volumes of children’s stories we would enjoy that evening.

“When I Grow Up” had lots of cute pictures to keep kids interested and highlighted enough high profile careers to impress even the most eager-to-see-their-kids-be-successful parents. “Great choice,” I thought, as my mind danced at the thought of how much potential my daughter must have to already be planning her profession at the tender age of four.

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I read that book with more excitement than I ever mustered for Dr. Seuss. “You can become a female firefighter, a police officer, or a doctor. Wow! How great you would be if you achieved that!” I exclaimed to my girls. Big on making our marathon reading sessions interactive and wanting to make sure that my daughters understood, I asked my oldest which one of these great people she would like to be when she grew up.

Puzzled, my daughter looked at the book and then back up at me and replied “But mommy, where are you? I wanna be a mommy like you.”

Although grateful for her insight, the weight of what my daughter just said landed heavily on my heart. Had I really just convinced my daughter that the people in the story were not only great, but also so much greater than me? That all the other professions were something that would make her important, but being a mom was a choice that would lead her to insignificance?

After my girls were tucked in, I went to my own bed and used my pillow as a Kleenex to soak up my tears. My daughter made me realize that no matter what other career choices you make, the choice to also be a mother was a worthwhile calling, even if the only bonuses and raises you receive are comments like this from your children.

This poem is dedicated to all moms – full time moms, single moms, married moms, hardworking moms, and stay at home moms. Moms who let go of some personal dreams or goals to raise their children, moms who quit school because of their children, moms who went to school at night. Moms who stopped working after their kids were born, moms who worked harder after their kids were born.

There are many opportunities for women. Your job as a mom may not reward you with a physical check every Friday, but your occupation is great, your job is needed, and it could never be filled by anyone else.

realizing this I began to write……..


A Mommy Like You

I was reading a book to my daughter one night,

About growing up and all the choices of great people she could be.

A police officer, a waitress, a principal

A manager, and even a star on TV,

“Hey, you could be a doctor

And save the world from disease,

You could be a teacher

And teach children their ABC’s,

You could be a motivational speaker

And lift up others when they’re down,

You could be a musician

And compose beautiful arrangements of sound,

You can be an actress and perform in plays and movies

Entertaining audiences, now wouldn’t that be groovy?”

“You could be a ballerina

And dance all over the world,

You could be a famous football player

And they’ll say, ‘Hey, Is that a girl?’

You could be the first female President of the United States

You can be an astronaut and travel into outer space.”

“Now Sweetie, I know there are a lot of choices,

But you have a long while before you must choose”

And she said, “Mommy, I know exactly what I want to be”

“I want to be a Great Mommy, Just Like You!”


Copyright ©2003 Sheréa VéJauan ..