We The Redeemed

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Another update from Dan on his ministry and missions trip through Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For the two weeks I was in Asia, “We The Redeemed” by Hillsong became the theme song of my trip.  Jaeson and I listened to it almost every day: during prep, during prayer, and to get us pumped up for the revivals each night.  After a while it became so pressed on my heart that I would find myself whistling or singing it to myself under my breath without knowing it.

I had such an amazing experience in Hong Kong, watching literally hundreds coming to Christ and being spontaneously baptized on the spot, seeing God work miracles right before my eyes and through my prayers (more on this later), and bonding with new brothers and sisters in Christ, that the night before I left for Indonesia, God really convicted me for Hong Kong and its people.  I remember getting choked up as I started packing that night, and telling Jaeson that for some reason I couldn’t explain, I was feeling really sad to leave.

Unable to hold it in anymore, I locked myself in the bathroom to pray.  Tears of conviction started pouring down my face.  My chest was heaving and I couldn’t keep the sobs and tears down.  I cried for more than twenty minutes thinking of all that I had seen in Hong Kong, the lives I saw changed and transformed, the way God had used us to spread revival among the people there.

Despite my best efforts to pull it together, my eyes were still bright red and my voice was cracked when I finally came out of the bathroom.  Seeing this, Jaeson came over to pray for me, and for the conviction God had pressed on my heart for the city.  His itunes playlist was playing in the background as he prayed for me, some song I didn’t recognize by name.  But a minute or so after Jaeson started to pray for me, the itunes playlist randomly changed songs to “We the Redeemed.”

I remember asking Jaeson, “did you plan to play that song next?  You know it’s become the theme song of my trip right?”

He said “nope, but it’s God talking to you.”

God or odd, right?  But to me, it was confirmation, not only of the purpose of this trip, but perhaps of a future calling and conviction to return to Hong Kong in some way.  I don’t know how or when, but if God calls me, I will go.