#UnsungHeroes Movement: Week 1

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Unsung Heroes Collage


We are now almost two weeks into our second social media movement on Instagram and Facebook asking people to shout out their “Unsung Hero” with a caption and a photo.  These are just a few of the amazing submissions we received from around the world recently:


Alex from Los Angeles shared:

“Even though we are generations apart, I have been ever so touched by our friendship. My unsung hero is my friend Gerry whom I met two years ago while I was interning in New York as a college student. Gerry is the most sincere form of unconditional love and grace. He goes out of his way to serve others and put their needs before his. He welcomes people to stay in his home when they have no home or simply longing for a friend in the midst of loneliness. I have been blessed to be a recipient of his love. Because of Gerry, I now know what grace and love is; he’s taught me to live a life for something greater than myself. Gerry will always have a special place in my heart and this is why he is my unsung hero.”


Cecilia from Hong Kong  shared:

“My unsung hero is my high school Spanish teacher Ms. Keats. She has always been the oldest but also the most energetic teacher in school. At age 78, she has finally decided this will be her last year teaching. I visited her in Bangkok in May and gave her a happy retirement card. She replied saying, “”What retirement? I am going to Africa to help children there!”" This beautiful lady has so much love to give to the communities around her, she simply can’t be stopped! She’s my inspiration”


Al from Los Angeles shared:

“My unsung hero is my grandma, Naomi Williams. At 84 years old she is still spry and full of life. She has an incredible relationship with God, and she attributes her long life and good health too it. She is full of warmth and joy, and she is also a great cook! She has established a God-fearing culture that exists in our family largely because of her..”


Dan from Los Angeles shared:

“Almost two years ago, Jenny and Kris lost their only son to a drunk driver. They left their home country to come to America and worked 7 days a week for 20 years just to give their son a better life, but now he’s gone. Even though they’re heartbroken, everyday they still serve all of their customers with love, and treat them like family. They hug every customer that comes through the door and are never seen without a smile. Most people will never know their hurt, but the power of their love for others carries on every day. That’s why Jenny and Kris are my Unsung Heroes..”


Have something to share?  We want you to join our online movement!

Who is an unsung hero in your life?  

Send your photo and caption to us at team@ourwitness.com or tag us on Instagram with @OurWitness and the hashtag #Unsung Heroes and we might share your submission on our blog, Instagram or Facebook page!