The Ticket

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Have you ever felt like you missed out on an opportunity in the past, and you are still beating yourself up for not seizing it? Our editor Al shares about a similar experience in his life, and how God taught him a valuable lesson through it.

Recently I attended a basketball game with a friend. A few hours prior to the game I noticed a few phone calls come in from a different friend. I ignored them because I was busy trying to get some work done at the moment and did not want to be distracted. Later while driving to the game I called back the friend who had called me. To my dismay, he told me that he had been planning to go to the same exact basketball game but realized he would not be able to attend at the last minute due to a commitment he had forgotten about. He was at the stadium when he called me and he wanted to give me his ticket before he left, but since I did not pick up my phone he left to attend his other commitment which was a ways away. I could not believe it. If I had just picked up the dog-gone phone I would have received a free ticket to the game. FREE! I was so upset!

Now I would have to go to the stadium and still pay the ridiculous price of the ticket at the window. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it, but I just hated the feeling of missing out on a free opportunity. The whole way to the stadium I mentally beat myself up over my stupid decision not to answer the phone.

But then the unthinkable happened. As I walked towards the ticketing window from the parking lot, a random bearded African-American man whom I had never seen in my life walked directly up to me and handed me a ticket to the game. It wasn’t like I was the only person in the area, in fact a number of people were around me heading to the window. But this man walked directly up to me and handed me the ticket. He spoke no words while handing it to me, just continued walking the direction he was going. I was in absolute shock. This seemed way too good to be true! I figured the ticket might be fake, so I hesitated to even walk to the entrance with it. After a few seconds of consideration I decided to give it a try, and to my pleasure the ticket turned out to be legitimate. A random stranger had just walked directly up to me and handed me a free ticket to the game! Wow!

Although this wasn’t exactly a life altering occurrence, God used it to show me that there is no blessing He intends to give to me that He will allow me to miss out on. Even if I don’t seize the first opportunity due to my own ineptitude; He will give me another opportunity. He will even cause the blessing to literally walk right up to me and present itself to me if that’s the only way! The same is true for you. You may feel like you missed out on a great opportunity in the past, and you are still beating yourself up over it. Let it go. If God meant for you to have that job, meet that person, take that vacation; the opportunity will come back around in God’s perfect timing, and it won’t be second late!

Image Credit: Krista Palmu