The Divine Mechanic

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Lately I’ve been praying on anything and everything.  And God has been faithful to answer each and every time – it’s amazing.

I blogged recently about how God fixed my web programming bug after I prayed, and that experience has inspired me recently to start praying about everything, big or small, and even the little things that I used think were too small or unimportant for God to care about.

Today was another example of that.  I’ve been having this problem with my car for months now where this horrible exhaust / burning oil smell has been coming into the passenger cabin through the air vents.  It’s been giving me headaches, and my friends have been complaining that they can’t even ride in my car without the windows open.  It’s been such a headache (literally and metaphorically) that I’ve even taken my car into two different mechanics.  Both times, they basically gave my car a clean bill of health, more or less told me I was crazy or imagining things about any fumes, and then said, oh yeah that’ll be 200 hundred bucks for the diagnostic we ran.

But today, I finally got smart about it…

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For once, rather than just blindly taking it from shop to shop for opinions (and watching my wallet get thinner and thinner), I actually sat down and prayed about it first.  “God,” I said, “I believe that if you can fix my computer bug, you can also fix this bad fume smell in my car.  I’m going to take it to another mechanic today, but this time, I believe in faith that they are going to be able to find and diagnose the problem because I’m bringing it to you in prayer.  Lord, in Jesus name would you please reveal to the mechanic today the source of the issue, so this problem can finally be resolved?”

So, having prayed on it, I took my car into Major Muffler on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA.  I have to admit, sitting in their garage, I wasn’t convinced at first.  The whole shop was covered to the ceiling in stray muffler parts.  There wasn’t a waiting area per se, unless you consider the abandoned middle seat of an old minivan sitting next to the doorway with a few wrinkled magazines on it.

But after waiting just about ten minutes, and praying the entire time, the mechanic asks me to come over.  He shows me exactly where in the engine the fumes were coming from, and I could literally see the smoke come up as the oil was burning off the exhaust.  They found it!  Finally, on my fifth try, and on my third different mechanic, they finally found it.  Not only that, but I was prepared for sticker shock when it came time to price the repair, but after all was said and done, it ended up costing a lot less than I was guessing – half to a quarter as much as I was expecting.

But the story wasn’t done there.  As if it wasn’t enough, I was driving back to the office and saw some food trucks parked.  I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I decided to try the Nom Nom truck for a vietnamese banh mi sandwich.  As I was waiting in line, I realized I didn’t have any cash left in my wallet, so I walked down the street to find an ATM.  By the time I came back, I was last in line.

All of a sudden, the manager of the truck came up to me and said, “who’s last in line right now?”  When I replied it was me, she said, “okay, you get a free lunch on us.”  I couldn’t help but smile, and feel the love.

God is good – He answers prayers constantly, if we are brave (or humble) enough to just ask.  Our father is the Divine Mechanic.  If He can diagnose and repair the greatest defects in the hearts and souls of man, He can certainly fix your car.  And sometimes, He’ll even buy you lunch.

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