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WitnessLA Title: Contributor

Currently Jerrell is the comic book/illustration mentor at Otis, Art instructor at LACC, the art director designing the world of several soon to be released graphic novels and films, the illustrator/designer for a couple international clothing lines launching this year, as well as the creator of TheRedR; a post apocalyptic graphic novel/animated series which has been in development for over 10 years now. The next comic “Revelations: Chapter 4″ is due out later this year.

Jerrell has:

-BFA from Otis College of Art and Design
-Titles include; pre-production, storyboarding, layout, animation, supervising-animation, art-direction, supervising-technical-director, character/concept design, illustration, fine-arts, motion-graphics, direction, effects, compositing, apparel-graphics, and comic-books.

-Clients include: Electronic Arts, MTV, Tankfarm, Big Vision, Chamber Bros, Disney, IMAX, Brian Dunkleman, 4th Ave Jones, Kate Earl, Suburban Legends, Ahmad, and Red Foo.

-Been published by; Spectrum, and by JC2 for his own graphic novel series “Revelations: The Prophets” (AKA “The RED R“).