Shaming the Impossible

If there are two things that I have learned that have truly defined my life, it’s that nothing is impossible and no prayer is too small.


I love those God moments when something happens that you can’t explain any other way.  When it literally brings a huge smile across your face that nothing in the world can wipe off. Today didn’t start out as the kind…

Mia’s Story

How do we stand up for the truth of the Gospel? Mia shares how Jesus worked radically when she stood up for Christ in an intimidating environment. 

Jason Chu – Much Love

Our friend Jason Chu is a hip-hop storyteller telling stories of Joy & Cynicism, Greed & Hope, and Hurt & Healing in a broken world.  In his latest music video for the song “Much Love,” Jason shares that even though many…

Faithful Flytalk – Spiritual Love (Feat. Miah Moore)

Do you have a gift or talent?  Use it for the Lord!  That’s what our brother Faithful Flytalk aka Andre Lewis Jr. is doing with his gift for rhymes.  Once a rapper for the world and the world’s values, Flytalk…

Becket’s Story

How does Jesus focus our career for His glory? Becket shares how Jesus radically changed his career from being self-serving and unfulfilling to being God-glorifying and deeply satisfying.  Video Credit: Reality LA

Annah’s Story

How does Christ direct our career to serve others? Annah shares how Christ redirected her career path to serve others.  Video Credit: Reality LA

I Failed In 2012

Have you felt that 2012 was a failure? Our Voice Sherea shares how God used her struggles this past year for His redemptive work in her life.  This year my family and I were hit pretty hard – from all…

Good News: Robert Guyton’s Story

Our Editor Al continues his series here on WitnessLA called “Good News”. God loves us deeply, and He wants to show Himself to be good in our everyday lives. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news,…

Dream & Imagine It!

Our friend Pastor Marcus Robinson is the founder of Dream & Imagine ministries.  Dream & Imagine’s goal is to cultivate the arts and music in the Christian community.  This is his personal testimony – an inspiring story for anyone who has…