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How I Invited God Into My Love Life

Can you imagine being a 17 year old girl and deciding that dating was “not for you”? Kytia shares her journey of waiting for the right one while God healed her brokenness. I’ve talked to many people about the span…

I Am No Longer My Achievements

Can achievements and approval from others bring us lasting joy? Our friend Alex shares how he discovered that his true worth and identity are found in Christ.

Hindi Female original

Sometimes God Speaks with a Female Voice in Hindi

Does God speak to you in different ways? Our brother Johnny shares a captivating story of how he encountered God unexpectedly at a desperate moment while he was traveling in India.


Transformed From Porn Addicted to Preacher of the Gospel!

This inspiring testimony of being freed from addiction to pornography is a powerful reminder that no one can out-sin the cross of Jesus and that there is hope even in the darkest of places because we are never forgotten by God.

I Never Ever Thought I Would Believe in God

I Never Ever Thought I Would Believe in God

“Growing up the way I did, I was convinced there was no way God could exist.” It is a chilly April night in Newport Beach, and how better to spend it than enjoying a warm cup of coffee with a…

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

  Our friend Nate from Orange County has one of the most powerful and incredible testimonies we have ever heard. At only 25, Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and was given 6 months to a year left…


God Is Able

Our friend Dianna, who is originally from L.A. but now lives in Germany, shares her video testimony of how the Gospel changed her heart when she experienced the warmth and safety of God’s love.  Despite those who mocked her decision…

Above and Beyond

Our friend Michael writes about his adventure when he went above and beyond what he thought was good enough in his radical obedience to God. Life with God is an adventure. If we let God into our lives and join…

Jeremy Lin Shares His Testimony

Reblogged from: AngryAsianMan Recently NBA Star Jeremy Lin shared his testimony of how God has been working in his life, in the midst of great successes and huge failures, in front of a crowd of over 20,000 fans in Taiwan…

Healing for a Healer

Have you ever read a WitnessLA post and felt inspired to share your story? Our friend David did just that. After reading about a healing in a post from earlier this month, he decided share with us about a miracle…