Mia’s Story

How do we stand up for the truth of the Gospel? Mia shares how Jesus worked radically when she stood up for Christ in an intimidating environment. 

Kingdom Love

  How do we experience relationships through the love of God? Devon Franklin and Meagan Good share their journey of a relationship through the Kingdom of love. 

Jason Chu – Much Love

Our friend Jason Chu is a hip-hop storyteller telling stories of Joy & Cynicism, Greed & Hope, and Hurt & Healing in a broken world.  In his latest music video for the song “Much Love,” Jason shares that even though many…

Porn Star on Meth Turned Champion for Jesus Christ

Shelley Lynn Lubben is one of the world’s leading advocates in the anti-pornography movement who launched a massive online campaign against the porn industry in 2004 through her web site at www.shelleylubben.com.  A former pornographic actress who performed under the…

Becket’s Story

How does Jesus focus our career for His glory? Becket shares how Jesus radically changed his career from being self-serving and unfulfilling to being God-glorifying and deeply satisfying.  Video Credit: Reality LA

I Tried Everything that the World Said About Peace

Where do you look for peace and happiness?  Do you look to money, success, having someone, or even drugs or alcohol?  All of those will leave you dry without the love of God.  Our friend Helen shares her powerful testimony…

Annah’s Story

How does Christ direct our career to serve others? Annah shares how Christ redirected her career path to serve others.  Video Credit: Reality LA

I Failed In 2012

Have you felt that 2012 was a failure? Our Voice Sherea shares how God used her struggles this past year for His redemptive work in her life.  This year my family and I were hit pretty hard – from all…

Sarah’s Story

How does Jesus help us through times of mourning and loss? Sarah shares how Jesus brought comfort and truth into her life during a season of great mourning and loss.  Video Credit: Reality LA

DTR (Define the Relationship) by Jason Chu

Have you ever had a DTR?   Our good friend and WitnessLA contributor Jason Chu just released this hilarious and fun music video take on the ups and downs of Christian dating.   There are definitely some great laughs in it,…