Freedom picture

You Can Trust Me

Your Savior has come. I am right here with you. You are My child. I see where you’re prone to stumble. Trust Me during those times. Fall into Me when you fall. Make Me where you turn, not to yourself,…


Transformed From Porn Addicted to Preacher of the Gospel!

This inspiring testimony of being freed from addiction to pornography is a powerful reminder that no one can out-sin the cross of Jesus and that there is hope even in the darkest of places because we are never forgotten by God.


The Gift

In front of her was a Man who was offering her a magnificent necklace. On it was the most stunning stone she’d ever seen. When the light caressed it just right, so many colors exploded from the jewel, and it…


It’s a Wonderful Life

Our voice Miki shares a story of hope for anyone who may be considering ending it all.

I asked God to just let me die

Part 2 of Sergio’s Story: I Asked God to Just Let Me Die

It’s a warm May evening, and how better to spend it than by chillin’ with my buddy Sergio at Rockharbor Church. Sergio is preparing to volunteer at Alpha class, the very same class that he came to know Jesus through.…

Mia’s Story

How do we stand up for the truth of the Gospel? Mia shares how Jesus worked radically when she stood up for Christ in an intimidating environment. 

Let the Broken Pieces Go

Do you find it difficult to let go of your past failures? Our Editor Rachel shares about her struggles with rejection and how God helps her overcome her past everyday. “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to…

Becket’s Story

How does Jesus focus our career for His glory? Becket shares how Jesus radically changed his career from being self-serving and unfulfilling to being God-glorifying and deeply satisfying.  Video Credit: Reality LA

A Funeral Overdue

Have you ever felt a sense of condemnation when you think about your sins and short-comings? Our friend Miki shares about choosing to walk with Jesus, and coming to the realization that her sinful self is dead. There is a…

Sam Fisher’s Story

How does Jesus bring redemption into our lives? Watch the inspiring testimony of a man who allowed Jesus to bring redemption into his life.  Video Credit:Reality LA