Embracing Safety

Our sister Bonnie had previously found success in her business and ministry but has only recently learned how to rest in God. She shares her story with us here.



Have you allowed mistakes and the wrongs that have been done to you to cause  you to lose sight of your true identity? Our voice Miki tells us how she has come to stand firm in the truth of who…


The Hidden Message

Our Editor Rachel T. shares an Easter weekend story of how God reminded her almost two decades later of a message He hid for her in her grandmother’s last written words. “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer…

I Never Ever Thought I Would Believe in God

I Never Ever Thought I Would Believe in God

“Growing up the way I did, I was convinced there was no way God could exist.” It is a chilly April night in Newport Beach, and how better to spend it than enjoying a warm cup of coffee with a…

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

  Our friend Nate from Orange County has one of the most powerful and incredible testimonies we have ever heard. At only 25, Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and was given 6 months to a year left…


A Double Portion

Have you ever felt pain that you thought you would never recover from? My sister Denise shares how God not only helped her with the loss of her son but also blessed her in double portion. My name is Denise.…

Promise Conner

In Memory of Promise Conner

Written by our voice Kytia, a woman who has remained strong in faith despite suffering a very painful loss, this post is dedicated in honor of the memory of Promise Connor.

Seattle Part 2 – Trusting

Have you ever felt God leading you to take a step of faith that defied all logic? Our friend Miki continues her previous story “Seattle” in this second part: Trusting. I quit my job. And I don’t have a new…

Healing for a Healer

Have you ever read a WitnessLA post and felt inspired to share your story? Our friend David did just that. After reading about a healing in a post from earlier this month, he decided share with us about a miracle…

Global Outreach Day 2013!

Support Global Outreach Day together with us. It is a movement to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ, and It takes place on May 25th. Millions around the world have been impacted for Jesus around the world through previous Global…