Sweet Child of Mine

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Do you ever miss home?  Our Editor Dan shares a touching story about the tenderness of the Father’s Heart for those who are living far away from family and friends.

Last Friday my wife Rachel was feeling especially homesick.  Being from Malaysia and coming to a whole new world and life out here in LA, she sometimes needs a little taste of home to keep her going.  So we decided to have a late dinner at The Spice Table in Little Tokyo, one of our favorite restaurants and one of the only places in LA where you can find truly authentic Malaysian / Singaporean flavors.

We’re regulars there, and we almost always order the same thing, but this time for some reason we decided to try something different and ordered the Kaya Toast – which is a buttered toast with coconut jam that you dip in a mixture of soft poached egg, soy sauce and white pepper. 

It had been a hard day and a long week for Rachel.

She was missing home, trying to make sense of why God had taken her from everything she knew, her whole life, family, friends and career – her everything – only to have here out here in LA for a reason she couldn’t yet see or understand.  Earlier that night, just a few hours before, she cried harder and longer than I’d ever seen her cry.  A cry of frustration, sadness, disappointment all balled into one.  As a husband, your heart breaks when you see your wife like that – you try to comfort, but you feel helpless.

With that still weighing on both our hearts, our dinner was nearing its end when the Kaya Toast finally came.  Pausing a minute to inspect it for authenticity, Rachel finally took a cautious and slow bite.  She squealed with delight.

“Oh my God!” she said, “This is EXACTLY like what my mom used to make for me for breakfast each morning back in Malaysia!”

A huge smile washed over her face, as if all the tears from the night before had been cleansed away in just that one bite.

And just at that moment, we could hear a song playing in the background in the restaurant:

“She’s got a smile it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I’d stare too long
I’d probably break down and cry

Oh, oh, oh
Sweet child o’ mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love of mine”

“Did you notice that?  The song playing?” I asked her.  “‘Reminds me of childhood memories?’ That one’s from God for you.  He’s speaking to you.  That you’re His ‘Sweet child o’ mine.’”

Rachel’s eyes starting welling up.  Then a single tear.  But this time a tear of joy.  We laughed as Rachel patted at her eyes with her napkin.

As my friend Alex used to always say, God’s timing is perfect.  God, our ultimate and perfect Father in Heaven, knew every last tear Rachel cried.  He knew where she was at, what she was going through, and most importantly – what could make her feel loved and restored again.

It’s amazing to me, this Father’s heart, this Father’s love that transcends everything.  That regardless of what our earthly parents are or are not, we can still experience the love of a Father, the embrace from above.  The warmth and healing presence of Love.  Perfect love that casts out all fear.

Do you see that love in your own life?  Can you hear it?  I promise you, it’s there.  He who has ears let him hear.

Image credit: HiStyley / Flicker