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How do we reach those people who have no interest in hearing about God?  Our friend Niaisha shares a wonderful story of what’s she learned.

It’s hard sometimes to offer something once and get denied.

It gets a little harder to offer the same thing twice and get denied.

After the third offer and denial then usually the vault door closes and that offer is never made again. 

Ask a 4th time 

As a friend was driving me home I shared about how I’ve tried having conversations about God with my roomie, “Betty”, and how I feel I have failed each time.  My friend then said something brilliant, yet so simple, “Offer to pray for her.”  Simple enough right?  Simple enough to formulate a plan around it to make the offer successful, and prevent my feelings from getting shot down, yet again….[click “Read More” below to continue”]

And then…. I walked into the apartment a few minutes later.  Betty eagerly greeted me and started sharing about her day and some health complications in her life.  As she paused and before I had a chance to think the words flew out of my mouth, “I would love to pray for you and keep you in prayer if that’s ok?” She paused for what seemed like forever, snickered, paused, and then said, “Yea, thank you.”  (Big smile; insert a happy dance (alone in my room of course) while excitedly writing it on my prayer wall.) 

Ask a 4th time?!  Asking is such a simple thing to do and when we let god plan and prepare us it becomes just that simple in reality.  I planned and asked many times before, and it was only when I shared it with someone else that I invited God in to prepare me, plan, and be the guide when talking with Betty.  God took hold of the reigns of fear and filled my mind with boldness and confidence to speak only one necessary sentence.  Why ain’t he a great preparer/planner/speech writer?!

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INTERACT with this story: Have you ever shared the gospel with a roommate?  What have you found works the best?  Share your story in the comments below.