Sea of Refreshing

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Have you ever become tired and worn-out along life’s journey, unsatisfied by your pursuits? In this sonnet by our Editor Al we see that Jesus is standing by, ready to show us true refreshment and satisfaction when we stop and look to him.

Jesus your heart is like a sea

Buried treasures of love and grace,

Your cool waters refresh me

Washing the condemnation from my face.

This life is full of heat

I was exhausted, tired and sweaty,

The rays of the afternoon sun forever beat

And as I walked, it was hard to keep steady.

Disheartened and with no more might

As the sun grew even hotter,

I realized that you were right by my side

You smiled, and then carried me to the water.

The oasis at the end of that sun-scorched path was an illusion

In quenching my thirst, your endless sea is the only solution