Please Don’t Stop the Music

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Sometimes, the big huge game-changing miracle comes in a tiny little gift of love. Our Editor Dan shares his story.

It’s amazing all the little ways God shows how He loves us and how He is there with us.  A few weeks ago, the WitnessLA team had its first ever “Dinner Social” for all the different Editors, Voices, team members, volunteers and contributors to meet each other in person for the first time.  Rachel and I had decided to host the event at our house in Silver Lake, but really didn’t know what to expect and how it would turn out.  We had been praying for God to show up in a big and dramatic way, but the biggest way He ended up showing up was in the smallest of little details.

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Based on everyone’s schedules, we had to schedule the event for a Monday night.  I remember how rushed it was getting home from work and trying to get the whole house ready for our guests.  We forgot to get so many things (plates, drinks, etc.) that I was feeling really stressed.  We didn’t know whether people would want to be indoors or out on our patio.  Basically all of the details were up in the air up until the guests actually starting arriving.

At the last minute, Rachel and I thought it would be a good idea to play some praise and worship music downstairs before everyone arrived.  We had to scramble because I didn’t have much Christian music on my iPod.  I grabbed Rachel’s iPod and was about to take it downstairs when she warned me “we can use it, but it’s almost out of batteries you know.”  “It’s okay we’ll just play it till it runs out,” I remember telling her.  So I asked her what playlist to use, and she said just play one of the Hillsong playlists.

I went downstairs and plugged the audio into some computer speakers I had left there.  It wasn’t one of the iPod style USB plugs that charges your device, it was literally just a 1/8” audio plug and nothing else.  When I plugged in the iPod, I saw what Rachel had warned me about.  The power level was so low, that the green color power bar was just a small sliver of green in an otherwise completely gray empty battery icon.  It was so small that you could barely see any juice left in it.

I didn’t think about it and just chose the Hillsong playlist and let it play.  Our guests started to arrive, one by one, and over time we forgot about the music playing, always behind us in the background at a lower volume.

By the time we went through all the different ice breakers, sharing time, prayer and business items for the night, we realized it was almost 10:30pm – nearly three and a half hours since we got set up and originally started the iPod.  Somehow – miraculously and inexplicably we realized the iPod had continued playing the entire time!  It was literally a miracle right before our eyes (ears).  Over three and a half hours the iPod played when it had only a sliver of battery life left.  I’ve had my own iPod die in less time than that before, even on a full charge!  I couldn’t believe it.

No one had noticed the entire time.  The music kept playing, and the Lord was blessing the entire night from beginning to end – making new connections, inspiring us to grow as a spiritual family and community, and the never ending music was like God’s tangible Spirit with us, blessing us and staying there with us – a symbol that He Himself was there with us rejoicing in and supporting what we were doing.  To me, it was a clear sign of His presence and favor with us that night.  That He was true to His word that when two or three gather in His name, He is there also.

I finally noticed that the iPod battery hadn’t died when we were about to do closing prayers.  There were about 15 people there to witness it at the time, and when I mentioned the little miracle out loud, I really think it emboldened everyone’s faith to pray harder and with expectancy for God to move.

As I called it out before the group, Rachel added one other amazing wrinkle to the story – the iPod had been playing all kinds of different songs all night – from all different Christian worship artists – not just Hillsong!  So even though I specifically set it on that playlist, it played way longer than it should and it played more kinds of music than it could.  The big huge game-changing miracle we had asked and prayed for, did come, it just came in a tiny little package.  A tiny little gift of love from our unassuming and amazing Savior.  Seriously, our Jesus can do anything, small or big – move in every last miraculous detail to show us how much He loves us and is with us – even if we’re too busy to notice and pay attention to what He’s doing for us behind the scenes.

But wherever you are – wherever your life is right now, you can Take heart in one thing – He won’t stop the music.