Open Thread: What Does Easter Mean to You?

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With Easter Sunday just one day away, many of us are planning various ways to celebrate this glorious day.  However, do we REALLY know what we are rejoicing and what significance this Holy day holds?  Perhaps it is the Easter Egg Hunt or trip to see the Easter bunny that gets your family excited.  Maybe it is one of the few times you visit the church each year because you feel this day is more important than any other Sunday.  Perhaps you’re celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and honoring God for the ultimate sacrifice that He made for the human race.  With no right or wrong answer, feel free to share what Easter means to you.  I’ll start…

Before Easter Sunday, there was Good Friday.  Good Friday marks the day of pure sacrifice, eternal forgiveness and divine love.  On Good Friday, God paid the ultimate price for EACH and EVERY one of us by sacrificing His only son, Jesus, to be the payment of our sins… back then, today and forever.  I don’t have children yet, but if I did, I would struggle so intensely about sacrificing my ONLY child so that the rest of the world could have a future.  Jesus didn’t have to die for us… He was Jesus! He could have done many miraculous acts to avoid being hung on the cross. Jesus chose to die for us. The public humiliation, pain and heartache He endured was a choice that He made for us. He bled for us, He cried for us, He was ridiculed and mocked for us and eventually, He died for us.  To me, Good Friday marks the ultimate forgiveness for our sins and defines the love that God has for us. 

Easter Sunday is God’s reminder of His promise to us, His promise that “Never will I [God] leave you [us]; never will I [God] forsake you [us].” Hebrews 13:5. Even after everything that Jesus stood for seemed to come to an end, He rose from the dead. This tells me that even in our darkest times when all hope seems lost, the faithful and good will prevail.  If God can raise Jesus from the dead, imagine the miracles He can perform for us!  All we have to do is believe.

Image credit: Blue Lotus / Flickr