My Calling in Entertainment and the Creative Arts

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All this week at we’re featuring the stories and testimonies of Christians in the entertainment industry.  Our friend Nebula Gu shares about her journey of finding her calling into the world of entertainment and creative arts.

Q: Thanks for speaking with us!  Could you please share how you are currently involved in the entertainment industry?  What kinds of projects have you been working on?

I’m currently wearing a couple different hats in the industry. I’m primarily an actress and host as well as a hopeful singer. Music’s always going to be one of my loves. I also recently became more involved as a producer. One of my current projects that I’m excited about is that I will be acting in and producing a webseries with some very talented and visionary friends. Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing the script come to life. In terms of other projects, I’ve mainly done a lot of commercial work in the past year. My most recent project was a Wells Fargo commercial, shot over four days, that will begin airing in January. One of the interesting and wonderful things about that project is that my mother was cast in commercial as well. I age throughout the commercial and so she played the older version of me. I thank God so much for allowing her to experience this shoot with me!


Q: How did you first enter the industry?  Did God speak to you on this calling?

I first entered the industry about a year and a half ago. I know, it’s not long at all! Before God led me on this calling, I was deeply entrenched in the world of business and financial services. It’s not that I didn’t like my co-workers or even the companies I worked for. It’s that I did not truly find purpose and meaning in what I was doing every single day. Then the financial crisis hit and you realized that nothing lasts forever. That money can’t buy you as much joy and security as you hope that it does. Around this time, God stirred in my heart the passion I always had for the arts. As an Asian American, I especially wanted to see greater Asian American representation in the media, in music, in TV and film. That’s when I thought, “Well hey, if no one else is going to do it.. then I will!” Little did I know that when I entered this field, I met a whole community who worked for like-minded goals and it has been wonderfully inspirational to work together in seeing this vision come to pass. I also am extremely grateful for my business background as it has helped me to be a motivated and detail-oriented entertainer. I definitely believe you’ve got to use all the skills you’ve been given! 


Q: How does working in entertainment affect your walk with God?  

Working in entertainment has deeply challenged and grown my walk with the Lord. This is because working in the arts holds no guarantee of success other than the fact that you like what you’re doing. Is this guarantee enough for most people? I don’t know. It’s an endurance career that reminds you to constantly rely on God for guidance and strength. I’ve been fortunate for so much of my life to be around high achievers, both academically and in the corporate world. However, I consider actors and other artists to be among the bravest individuals I have met. Your courage and faith is certainly tested when you are out battling in this field. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. It’s this faith and trust that I have certainly held on to tightly, in times of struggle as well as joy.


Q: What advice would you have to other Christians considering entering your field? 

Pray, pray, and pray some more. Pray for discernment, confirmation, and calling. If you are certain that God wants you to enter this field, pray for Him to prepare you for it. Pray for courage and steadfastness. I would definitely advise daily devotional reading and just spending quality time with God because it really makes a difference in your day-to-day pursuits and mindset. Know that the industry isn’t always kind but that you’ll discover a lot about yourself on this journey if you choose to take it.


Q: What is God doing in your life currently? 

God has given me quite a lot to be thankful for. In terms of career, it’s moving forward, which I’m grateful for. As things progress from one level to the next, I’m looking forward to what God has in store. Recently, He’s released me from expectations and stress in my life and I’m incredibly thankful for the revelation. In this life, where we deserve nothing, we have been given practically everything. Our wants and desires seem to never end, but we receive through God’s grace alone. It’s often hard to be in an industry where so much is about the superficial, but God reminds us He’s deeper than it all. These are just some of the things that He’s been teaching and reminding me of lately.

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