Moving Heavens and Earth

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Are you bold in what you pray for?  Recently, I’ve become absolutely convinced that God will move Heavens and Earth out of love for us if we just ask.  That He can – and will – do anything to show you His love, even change the weather.

Now before you strike me as some kind of radical or crazy person, Jesus himself said “With man this impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

I just got married on September 18th.  It was a Sunday.  For three or four days before the wedding, I woke up each day to dark grey overcast skies.  I checked the weather each day, hopeful there would somehow be sun for the biggest day of our lives…[click “Read More” below to continue] The weather forecast predicted sun and clear skies for the 18th, but as each day passed with darker and greyer skies, I started to doubt.  I started to have fear.  That this wedding – which had taken over our lives, and which we’d remember for the rest of our lives – would be ruined by a lack of light, fog, or maybe even rain.

I remember praying, “God, this is so important to Rachel, a day she’d been waiting for her whole life.  Father, I have faith that no matter what, you will give us sun, clear skies, perfect weather for our wedding on Sunday.”  I asked my church and spiritual family on Facebook to pray for clear weather.  One day I was speaking to my pastor friend Jaeson and he was totally confident.  “It will be sunny,” he said with total confidence.

But as each day passed, the sun hadn’t shown itself for almost three or four days.  Even the day before we were to be married, the skies were dark.  It was cold outside, an ocean breeze over a hazy horizon even at midday.  I looked out from my Santa Monica hotel room at the surroundings.  But rather than fear, I had total peace.  My Heavenly Father is bigger than all things, and if He will throw a huge party for even the Prodigal Son, I knew He wouldn’t allow our celebration to be ruined.  Rachel and I committed ourselves in prayer, saying  “Jesus, we declare you to be the star tomorrow.  All the details, everything, is in your good hands.  We trust you.”

On the morning of our big day, I opened my hotel curtains to see sun breaking out across the horizon.  As we got closer to noon, it had turned into the most magnificent, God-blessed day I had even seen.  The picture above pales in comparison to how beautiful it actually was, which was beyond all words.  I arrived at the venue and marveled – I had been to the venue almost five times before and NEVER did it EVER look so glorious.  The sun was shining, shimmering gently against the placid blue waters.  There was a lapping breeze gently blowing through the white gauze on our wedding arch.  It was perfect – ideal for our guests and for God to literally show up during the ceremony.

God had heard and answered our prayer.  He gave us sunshine at just the right time.  Now before you think I’m just backwards justifying, consider this.  The very next morning, Rachel and I woke up in our Santa Monica hotel and the skies were enveloped again in grey.  It was cold and dark all day.  As we drove up the coast to Santa Barbara, fog was creeping in across the coastline, covering everything in dense darkness.

And it continued like that for an ENTIRE week more.  From the day after our wedding, there wasn’t sunny clear weather again until the following Sunday, September 25th.  So not only was it overcast and gray with no sun for three or four days before the wedding, but it went back to that exact same weather pattern for another whole week after the wedding.  Almost two whole weeks with only one sunny day, and it just so happened to fall on our wedding.  It was perfect timing – a window of grace from the prevailing weather just for the day we needed it.  The Lord made it so beautiful and striking that even my non-Christian friends and family noted that they felt incredibly moved and touched by the power of the ocean-side ceremony.

To me this is what God’s love and favor looks like.  That He would move clouds, clear the sky, empty the moisture and fog out, just to reveal His glory for two of His children He loves and cherishes.  Just to show His love.

What made this all the more convincing for me was that this wasn’t the first time God heard and answered my prayers for better weather.

The first was when my old roommate Ezra and I had to move out of our Marina Del Rey apartment.  For days before our move out date, it was cold and raining.  Even the day before we were supposed to move, it was literally pouring rain everywhere – huge drops and pelts of water were drenching our entire area, and it was flooding the sidewalk outside.  The weather forecasts all predicted rain – 90% chance it was saying.  But I prayed, in full faith, knowing that if I have faith the size of a mustard seed that mountains would move.  I prayed, despite the forecast, and declared in Jesus name that the skies would clear of all rain so we could move without damage to all our belongings (our moving truck had to be parked outside).  The next morning I woke up, opened the curtains and it was perfectly clear, sunny and warm.  Calm, as if it hadn’t been pouring out torrential stormy rains for days just before.  It was a miracle, a total answered prayer.

The next time was when I had a number of my friends over from my bible study GBS.  We were celebrating outdoors, gathered together in His name, but it was so cold and blustery.  At one point, sheets of moisture started to fall, rain was wetting our entire backyard, dripping onto our food.  A brother of mine, Tony, decided we should pray for the weather to change.  I remember praying that God would move Heavens and Earth out of love for us.  After a few moments, a small hole started to open in the sky (this is an actual picture I took that day):

It was if God had taken his hand, and cleared out a small pocket of sunshine, directly overhead, just for us.  The rest of the land was covered in darkness and rain, and we, His beloved sons and daughters were somehow spared from it.  He heard our cries and we had sun and warmth as we overlooked the rest of the valley and saw only darkness and rain.

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me what you will, but the Lord my God is all powerful and answers my prayers.  I will keep praising His name and will not fear despite the wind and storms.  I will be even more undignified than this.  For His love is greater and more powerful than any fog, any rain, any cold, any darkness in this world, greater than the Heavens and the Earth.