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    Struggling with a decision to go to Thailand for missions, Jiyoung recalls a powerful testimony close to her heart that compelled her to just go and share.

    태국 선교에 대한 망설임으로 갈등하던 중 , “가라 그리고 전하라”는 강한 마음의 소리를 듣고 실행한 지영의 감동적인 간증입니다.

  • Seoul wrote a new blog post: Pray for Korea 5 years, 1 month ago

    Please join us in prayer over the ferry tragedy in South Korea – for the missing, for the lost, for the mourning, for those involved in the rescue operations… and that God’s Spirit will be among them.

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    God is THE master planner.  The Maestro of maestro’s.  Architect of the universe.  To see and experience even a few pieces of His gargantuan puzzle come together is… beyond amazing.

    That’s the impression left on the members of the WitnessSeoul team, the latest to join the Witness 2.0 Network.  The way all four managing editors were brought…