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    Your Savior has come. I am right here with you. You are My child. I see where you’re prone to stumble. Trust Me during those times. Fall into Me when you fall. Make Me where you turn, not to yourself, not to your old habits, not to what you’re used to protecting yourself with, not to what you think you deserve. I will protect you. I will catch you…

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    In front of her was a Man who was offering her a magnificent necklace. On it was the most stunning stone she’d ever seen. When the light caressed it just right, so many colors exploded from the jewel, and it shined radiantly.

    “This is for you,” the Man said.

    “Me?” she questioned, confused.

    “Yes, I bought this and am giving it to…

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    Have you allowed mistakes and the wrongs that have been done to you to cause  you to lose sight of your true identity? Our voice Miki tells us how she has come to stand firm in the truth of who she is.


    I have been wounded, dragged through the dirt, trampled on, beat down, and left for dead. I have been punished for other people’s sin; I…

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    Our voice Miki shares a story of hope for anyone who may be considering ending it all.

  • Making Room for God

    Our voice Miki shares an eloquent story about her experience when God found the secret place in her heart. This is a story about grace, purification and the courage to give it all to God. 

    I’d done it.

    I redecorated.

    Happily, I lead Him around, pointing out things I learned, things I’d done, things I’d changed—all because of Him. My heart…

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    Have you been attempting to appease your inner-longings and desires, only to find yourself temporarily satisfied, but later still thirsting for more? Our voice Miki points us to the place of ultimate satisfaction.

    There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” For His disciples had gone away into the city to…

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    Have you ever felt God leading you to take a step of faith that defied all logic? Our friend Miki continues her previous story “Seattle” in this second part: Trusting.

    I quit my job.

    And I don’t have a new one. Yet.

    !– more –

    This decision was the most aggravating decision I’d been faced with since choosing to move to Seattle. I…

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    Have you ever felt unsure as to whether or not you were where God would have you to be? Our friend Miki shares about trusting God to meet her needs in a city she never expected to find herself in.

    I could never live in Seattle.

    I’m positively certain I said or thought this phrase quite a few times in the past several years. Little did I…

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    Have you allowed negative experiences from your past to define your identity? Our friend Miki shares about finding her identity in Christ, despite a history of abuse.

    I struggled with calling it abuse for a long time. First of all, it came from those I knew as family. We’re supposed to be loyal to each other, right? So everything said and…

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    If you could send a letter to yourself at six years old, what would you write in it? Our voice, Miki shares how she conquered her struggles with identity and family in a letter written to her younger self.
    To the six-year old me,
    There are some things you need to know. About you, about what’s going to happen, about what you’re going to…

  • Have you ever felt a sense of condemnation when you think about your sins and short-comings? Our friend Miki shares about choosing to walk with Jesus, and coming to the realization that her sinful self is dead.

    There is a dead body in the road.

    Cold, lifeless eyes stare blankly at the sky; I swear they peer directly at me. In accusation?…

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    Have you allowed people and circumstances to define who you are as a person? Our friend Miki shares about how her life was changed by discovering her true identity.

    It’s a freeing feeling to realize that it doesn’t matter if people understand you when you have taken away their power to define you.

    I think people have been trying to…

  • Have you ever felt abandoned?  Know that you are not alone.  Our newest Voice Miki shares her powerful and personal story of being rejected by her earthly father but then being embraced by her Heavenly Father, who renewed and restored her broken heart.  This is part two of her story of being raised from the ashes.
                I don’t want…

  • When life is darkest, know that you are not forgotten.  Our newest Voice Miki is a living example.  With her family falling apart, Miki found herself contemplating suicide until God found her and offered a way out, a new beginning and a life of Grace.  This is part one of her story of being raised from the ashes.

                I am a…