Margaret and God Shake Hands

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Our friend H has a heart to share the gospel with liberals and new age spiritual types.  Her approach is creative, non-threatening, loving and inspirational as she tries to share about Christ in a language they would understand.  In this story, H shares about how a simple dinner party turned into a powerful time of prayer.

On a Sunday night, Margaret comes over for dinner, and she brings a beautiful meal of falafel and baba ganoush in brown rice tortillas. In the midst of the Greek glory we catch up about our lives and talk extensively about our favorite Wes Anderson films.

Margaret asks her friend Anthony to come and pick her up. He gets there right as Margaret is telling the story of her spiritual journey. The last time we hung out, she asked me to share about my spiritual journey. This time I have returned the question to her.

Anthony is impressed that we are talking about this, and interested to hear what Margaret has to say. It’s not a talked about enough topic, we all agree.

Margaret shares about the few experiences she’s had that have engaged her curiosity with the idea of something out there that’s bigger than herself. She has recently devoted herself to finding and connecting with that great Power of the Universe. She shares how she visited a spiritual healer recently and was told that her spirit contained the elements of earth and wind in strength, but lacked the balance of fire. She’s making certain lifestyle adjustments to try to connect with more fire.

I ask Anthony about himself. He speaks from his soul, from deep down. He speaks poetically, not in details, but in abstractions and complex ideas. He doesn’t mention what he does for living. He talks more about his convictions. He has beautiful speech. He’s very calm when he talks. He speaks of profound things in quiet tones. He calls himself religious, in the sense that most people would call themselves spiritual.

We reach a place of feeling comfortable enough for silence, resting in my living room, resting in our minds. Margaret closes her eyes. She is taking in our conversation.

“I feel so at peace,” she says.

“Maybe we could have a group meditation for five minutes?” I suggest. They immediately agree, and they sit up in their meditation postures. They are both pretty into meditation.

We all close our eyes. I go to a happy place with Daddy God. I let go of the responsibility I’ve been carrying for the people who are with me, and I give it over to him. I just let Him love on me. I see in my spirit that he’s powdering my face, bringing out my beauty. I hear him say a few things that I think might be relevant to my company. Eventually I realize it’s probably been more than five minutes. I open my eyes and the other two are already back and ready.

We all share what we were experiencing. I share about God powdering my face. “Also,” I say, “I heard something about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Does that mean anything to either of you?”

“It does to me,” says Anthony. “But it’s a long story. I shouldn’t go into it.”

“I was feeling that it had to do with sonship, and the High Power being like your Father,” I say.

He looks at me for a second thinking. Then he says, “Ok so maybe I should go into it. Do y’all want to hear?”

“Yeah!” we both prod him on.

“About two years ago, I was really into lucid dreaming. I had this dream where I was on a team of ninja turtles, and we were the good guys, bringing good to society. Then I heard a phrase in Hebrew…” (He said the phrase. It was something like “Yahweh-something-or-other-ahem.”) “Then I went to a woman and had it translated. It meant ‘that which lies within.’ And also something about God being Father.”

“Would you mind if I took a moment to bless that?” I ask. He agrees.

I go over and put my hand on his shoulder. I bless that which lies within him. I bless his friendship with God as his Father.

Then I turn to Margaret. “Margaret, you said you were wanting more fire in your life. People have told me before that I carry fire. Could I come and impart that to you?”

“Yes!” she says, enthusiastically. I can tell she has been a bit jealous of Anthony that he was getting blessed.

I lay my hand on her and I begin to share what I’m hearing from the Holy Spirit. It’s something about his fire being a Light inside of her. I go on for a while. I tell her that God is going to begin making things clear to her about who he is, and she’s going to have more connection with the spiritual realm very soon. Then I see a picture of Jesus on a cross. I’m silent for a second. It’s hard to say what Holy Spirit is showing me. But at his pressing, I agree. I say, “I cover your experience of the spiritual realm in the blood of Jesus. That means only what is of the light can touch you. All that is of the darkness passed away in his death.”

I finish, and she is beaming and looking very refreshed.

As she and Anthony leave, she gives me a big hug, and I can feel the gratefulness in her hug. The Light is already beginning to glow in her eyes.

Image Credit: Flickr / Nataly Gallego