“Like” What Matters

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Our friend and reader shares the dangers of something that otherwise seems so neutral: social media. Rather than focusing on gossip and the lives of others, we need to fix our eyes on the Lord, find our joys through Him and seek Him to live out our purpose. This testimony is a good reminder that God is our rock and foundation of highest importance, and that everything else on this earth is temporary.

“OMG did you hear?!” It is a phrase heard often in today’s society. It is a way to connect with others. It starts conversations and can end an awkward silence.  In the days of social media where news spreads like wildfire, it creates a topic of conversation where one otherwise might not exist.  And in that moment, it can create a common bond between people and an idea of common interest.  It is, “What happened to whom?”, “Who did what?” and “Where they went and with whom?” It is gossip, it is news and it is hot. 

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And in our desire to feel cared for and significant, even we have become the topic of discussion. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the like have made us all stars in our own rights.  We have an audience; we have a crowd of people who wish us happy birthday and “like” our photos.  We are connected; we can find our long lost friends.  Everyone knows where we’re eating and what we think, where we check in at, and what we did last night or even what we’re doing now. Our “News Feed” is constantly updated, and we get lost in what’s happening.  And no one is happier than the evil one. 

I often find myself trapped in this world myself.  It is interesting, no doubt about that.  Humans are curious, nosey beings and these media facets fill our desire and then some.  It takes up a lot of our time.  We have all seen an update of the like, “Ughh so busy,” Got this due by Friday and that due by Monday,” and “I have to do this as well.”  Ironically, despite our “busy” lives, we all still have time for social media.  It is an addiction, a distraction to the highest degree.  So much so that “Facebooking” has become a common word in society.  It has completely changed our lives.  What used to be a conversation has become a “wall update”.  Instead of a phone call, we get a message.  An invite is now an “event posting”.  We can easily be distracted from what is important.  And even more importantly, who is important. 

I had a conversation with a coworker the other day.  The bulk of which revolved around who was doing what in the media, who was dating who and how the other felt after they learned of it.  She had opinions on people who didn’t even know of her existence.  She knew the daily goings of people that could care less for her.  And I thought to myself, if she took half the time focusing on what is important: her career, her family, and most importantly, her relationship with God, than she would not be going through the struggles that she currently is.

As I reflected back on that conversation, I thought to myself how pleased the devil must be.  His work has become so easy as we are now drowned in social outlets that provide us constant information.  He must be thrilled that so many spend hours on the internet reading gossip instead of experiencing the awe-inspiring world that God created for us, nurturing the relationships that can bring us closer to God, reading His Word and spreading His teachings.

It’s not all bad, that’s not what I am saying.  I love seeing updates about my friends just as much as the next person.  But let’s not let it distract us from what is really important to God.  He has a much bigger plan for us than what happened to “so and so.”  Instead, let us use what He has given us to further His work.  Let us share our moments that might bring more to Him.  And when you catch yourself searching around aimlessly, close the computer, turn off your phone and don’t get caught up in the trap. 

“Like” what matters, love who’s important and never get distracted from the big picture: the plan God has for all of us and the work that must be done.