Jason Chu – Much Love

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Our friend Jason Chu is a hip-hop storyteller telling stories of Joy & Cynicism, Greed & Hope, and Hurt & Healing in a broken world.  In his latest music video for the song “Much Love,” Jason shares that even though many of us have lost the true meaning of love and often look for it in all the wrong places, there is still hope for us.


[For lyrics and the story behind the song click “Read More” below]

Much Love., the title track from my recent project, is a song about Love. But it’s not a song about Romance.

In different ways, all the songs on MUCH LOVE (the album) come from the same question: what does my world think about love? Where do we look for it – what do we look for? And why does it seem, so much of the time, that we fail to find it – or, when we do find it, it disappoints us?

For the title track from the album, I wanted to sum up my experiences and observations about love in our world: we run to money (“just stacking cash in banks”), thrills (“hacking, photoshopping, sexting”), and escapism (“head to Las Vegas on that 737 jet”) trying to find it. But in the end, it all seems empty – unsustainable – ultimately draining. But just because we haven’t found love yet doesn’t mean we should give up hope: “You got to let go of your past, let your baggage go unchecked / stop focusing on that and you can finally find the rest”.

When you let go of the hurt and the bitterness, the anger, you can find the rest – both “rest” in the sense of refreshment and peace, and also “the rest” in the sense of the pieces of the puzzle, the parts of the picture that elude us when we try to focus too narrowly on our own obsessions.

I hope that this song reminds you all to keep searching for love – and to never settle for anything less than Love.




We are the accidental hipsters slash the Instagramming activists 
Always talkin work but we’re afraid to barely break a sweat 
Head to Las Vegas on that 737 jet 
Check our bank balance on the Internet, into debt 
Is this accurate, the portrait that we paint our therapists? Or 
does something immaculate lie just behind the back of it? 
But when advocates try to tackle it, they mangle it 
Get tangled into accusations, disconnected, discontent 
They say we don’t care, say our generation lacks / always 
passive, passion lying absent, asking when I’ll get MY mansion 
Acting so impertinent, just stacking cash in banks 
Hacking, photoshopping, sexting, culture is a blank 
I’m blacking out, no backing out, you want to know what we’re about? 
I’m rappin at the fashion photoshoot, so listen up 
THIS is my secret mission, listen to the sequence 
Behind all the misdemeanors, we’re just looking for some, love

Much love, much love 
Much love, we just need to be loved 
Much love, much love 
Much love, we have so much love

My friends tellin me they all need some inner healing 
But they won’t go to the church, because they can’t stand all the preaching 
The pastor givin speeches leaves em misrable and sleepy 
Always speakin bout sin, tryna convince em that they need him 
What they can’t find in religion, they see promised in the club 
Charging no cover if you’re lookin for some love / But 
undercover, under covers leaves em empty when they come 
And it’s hard to cover up when you’re naked as a dove 
So I’m neither the above – not a pastor, not a dancer 
Got a message, for the masses, and I’ll do it, as a rapper 
I’m not tryna make you change, I’m just tryna understand 
And if you want someone to walk with, I got sneakers in my van 
Because love is impossible if you cannot be flexible 
I know you want a schedule – but life isn’t on demand 
There’s no plan for the healing, if you’re dealing with your demons 
It takes time to see growth from a child into a man

Who here believes the world has enough love?

Who here believes the world has enough love? 

Who here believes the world has enough love?  
So we’re here to give them… Much Love.

And I know that you’ve been tired, high and hidin from your clients, 
Hired out of undergrad or unemployed barely survivin 
Ridin round to interviews, payin for bills and gas and food 
Your attitude is at a latitude with veterans with battle wounds 
The path before you lined with cannibals, they’ll eat you if they have to 
Business in the backroom while the back is where they stab you 
Half your friends have turned their backs, and you don’t know if you can trust 
the other half who seem to back you til they vanish into dust 
The plan was to drink until the pain’s over 
You can make it rain but you’ll be thirsty when the reign’s over 
You can play the game, but they will play you when the game’s over 
Addicts must view each day as a battle to remain sober 
You either grow or you die, what will you choose? 
If you want to gain success – what will you lose? 
Gotta let go of the past, let your baggage go unchecked 
Stop focusing on THAT and you can finally find the, rest

For more music and videos, check out www.jasonchumusic.com. Follow Jason on Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Tumblr as @JasonChuMusic.