Healing for a Healer

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Have you ever read a WitnessLA post and felt inspired to share your story? Our friend David did just that. After reading about a healing in a post from earlier this month, he decided share with us about a miracle in his grand-mother’s health.

I recently read the August 1, 2013 posting “God Won’t Give Up On You” on the WitnessLA.org site about someone’s grandmother receiving healing.  It reminded me of an encouraging story about my own grandmother, and I wanted to add my story to further confirm that the Lord does indeed bring this kind of healing today, and even more.

About five years ago, my grandmother’s health had deteriorated a great deal. She had arthritis in her hands, back pain, neck disk pain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, general weakness, and other health problems that are too embarrassing to mention.  She bruised easily, and her skin could peel like a potato.

My grandfather, on the other hand, was very healthy as he has never had any serious health problems during his entire life.  Although grandfather helped her, there was a sad juxtaposition.  Grandmother was in indescribable suffering, and grandfather couldn’t relate to any of it.

Fortunately, our extended family was always near grandmother to take care of her.  Nonetheless, her health condition was just daily misery, and she was ready everyday to pass away into eternity with the Lord.

Within the past five years, we almost lost her twice, I believe.  At one point, her health was so poor that she was unable to stand and walk. She was in a senior center and bed-ridden.  With grave stress, the extended family was preparing for her passing.  Mercifully, however, a doctor had the remarkable (I believe miraculous) insight to suggest a change in hormone medication.  Within two weeks, grandmother had recovered so much that she was up and moving around the senior center with a walker.  The staff thought she should rest more, but she felt so good that she did a high kick to convince them that she was ready to leave!  Startled and surprised, the staff discharged her.  Grandmother testified to the Lord’s mercy in church soon after.

In another episode three years ago, grandmother passed 40 days without eating solid food.  We think the cause was her pain killers and arthritis medicine.  The strong medication, however, upset her stomach, and she lost her appetite or vomited easily.  It was a scary time, and I recall that my usually unflappable mother was visibly shaken. Grandmother also recovered from that episode, and we believe that a reduction in her pain medicine helped her.  

Still, grandmother continued to have high levels of pain.  She managed her pain though writing the Bible, sewing, listening to hymns, and watching videos.  She would pray before going to bed – “I am in so much pain, but I am still here, Lord.  If you would like to take me, please take me while I sleep.”

I had known of grandmother’s poor health, and I had prayed for healing for her on multiple occasions in the name of Jesus.  And knowing the incredible love and mercy of God, I was puzzled why her suffering continued.

I was especially puzzled in light of grandmother’s history with the Lord. From stories I heard from my mother, I learned that God had used grandmother to bring healing to people when she was much younger in Korea.

Both of my grandparents are 90 years old.  They lived through very difficult and poor times in southern Korea long before the country modernized.  Grandfather was a pastor, and grandmother was a supportive pastor’s wife. 

They saw and experienced extreme poverty and need, such as after the devastation of the Korean War.  In those days, they witnessed God answering prayers in spiritual and supernatural ways.  They plainly recall that such experiences occurred throughout the entire country as the people cried out to God for mercy in their desperation. 

And God was merciful.  Though uncommon here in mainstream America these days, events like driving out evil spirits from troubled people were well-acknowledged in my grandparents’ experiences in Korea. Grandmother spoke in tongues, interpreted dreams, and had a reputation for healing.  People came to her with their physical problems. She prayed for sick people, and they became completely healed!

Those days and times were a world away, and my grandparents immigrated to America over 30 years ago. 

Even so, the Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

This time, grandmother was the one in pain.  This time, the healer needed healing.

On one Sunday in September last year, she had to lie down in church after service because she wasn’t feeling well.  It was a sad sight – my frail old grandmother lying down on a row of church chairs in the fetal position, and she was lamenting how she was in constant pain, her voice almost cracking with emotion and suffering.

Later that September, we grandchildren gathered to pray for healing for grandmother at her apartment.  In November, I contacted a local healing room to request prayer for her.  By February of this year, grandmother’s condition had greatly improved, but she still had significant pain. 

The prayers continued.  One day, grandmother told me that she had a dream that she was flying over some land with Jesus.  She had never seen such a beautiful land.  She was pain-free and so happy. Jesus said, “I will be with you.”  She said, “I want to stay with you.”  When she awoke, she was so sad to still be in pain on this side of eternity.  She cried and cried.  ”Why did he leave me?”  At the time when she had told me her dream, 3 John 1:2 had been on my mind.  I read it to her and prayed accordingly – “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, *even as* your soul is getting along well.”  Even as she was pain-free in her spiritual dream condition, so may she be in her physical waking condition.

As the prayer sessions continued over time, I watched her exercise her faith.  ”I believe!  I believe!” she said with determination.

And according to the faith given and expressed by her, so it has come to pass. 

My mother visits grandmother multiple times every week to provide food and care.  A couple of months ago, I started hearing reports from my mother that grandmother’s pain is all gone now.  She had stopped taking all medication – no pain medication, no blood pressure medication, no blood thinner medication.  The reports stirred me, and I said, “YES, *that’s* my God!”

In order to share the care-giving among the relatives, a weekly schedule was made for different aunts and uncles to provide food and visits. These days, grandmother says, “I don’t know why you all bring me food every day.  I’m not sick!  I’m not dying!”  But my mother said, “You cannot cook!”  (It is true that grandmother is not strong enough to cook these days.)  Grandmother’s taste for food has returned, and she says, “I have my taste.  I’m not dying!”

Of course, grandmother is an elderly woman, and we do not expect her body to become like a young girl again.  Nonetheless, I have prayed with grandmother, asking the Lord to let her be free of pain until He takes her away.

Last month, she nearly had a heart attack from a clogged artery.  After a few days of hospital care and blood medication, she recovered and returned home.  We know that grandmother’s time to leave is coming, but she has no fear.   And now, with no pain, she said that she is having the most peaceful time of her life.  In fact, she is anxious to be go and be with the Lord.

Just this week, my mother told me that grandmother had a wonderful dream recently.  She saw a great crowd of people from all over the world.  They were all traveling somewhere together, and they were so joyous and happy.  Grandmother was among the travelers, but she was pushed away and told to come later.  Of course, she wondered why she could not continue with the travelers, and we believe that it’s not her time yet.  She said, “I will go to such a happy place, so don’t cry for me.”  She wants us to sing happy songs when she goes.  

The Lord was gracious to bring healing power to others through grandmother.  He was gracious to bring healing power to her.  And through it all, Christ was and continues to be her hope for joy in eternity, driving out any fear of death.  Yes, there is power in the name and love of Jesus.  She and I are witnesses.

David S. Kim

Photo Credit: Windows Images