God Will Send You Reinforcements

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Do you ever feel like you were meant to meet someone for some reason?  Maybe you both have something in your past that’s the same, or they have a unique way they can help you or a story that’s meant to encourage you, or they somehow speak to you directly to your heart.  This is the nature of our God – Love.  And he shows it through His people, sent to you with a purpose and mission for your life.  He desperately wants to reach you with His love, and he’ll never stop trying to help you and sending you “reinforcements.”  Our friend Dave shares a story about God working in this way.

I attend a Bible study on Sunday nights called GBS. During the Bible study, we break up into smaller groups where we have a chance to share with one another and pray for each other. One night in particular, Dan and I paired with a newcomer named Grace. And… it was pretty amazing!  The Holy Spirit was definitely there among us, even though we had never met her before.

Even though she was more or less a stranger, the three of us had a chance to really open our hearts with a sense of vulnerability and compassion. It was one of those moments where if we said our deepest darkest secrets, it would be ok. Everything would be ok. No one felt churchy. Everything just clicked because we felt like we weren’t alone in our spiritual walks. And I feel like those are moments I definitely cherish and friendships I want to keep.

When we started sharing with one another, the Holy Spirit was definitely convicting Dan and I for Grace. Grace was sharing about how there was so much she wanted to do for God, but she felt like she was always disappointing Him and not living life with the purpose she was meant for. I started to get the sense that there was something about her name that had a special meaning for her, and I shared that with her.  At the same time, Dan said “I’m not sure if this means anything to you, but I felt like God wanted me to say that your name is Grace, and you give grace to other people, but you need to give grace to yourself before you’ll be able to do all those things for Him that you’re supposed to do.” 

We were shocked at what happened next…[click “Read More” below to continue] 

Out of the blue, Grace’s eyes started welling up and she started crying right there with us, people she had just met.  We didn’t know what had struck this chord in her, and when we asked what happened she said “You don’t know this, but you’re the fourth person that has said that exact same thing to me recently.  I can’t believe it.”  We had never met her before, so it definitely had to be God moving.  God was trying to reach Grace with a message – that He loved her and wanted her to love herself, to be healed first before His big plans could happen in her life.

So after that amazing night, the three of us exchange emails and start encouraging one another over email. This lasts for roughly one week but life kind of gets in the way of keeping the emails going…

So fast forward one and a half months later. Dan and I run into each other at a Birthday party. Dan asks, “Have you heard from that Grace girl? I’ve been trying to contact her and she never replied.”

“Dude. No. Hadn’t really thought about it,” I said. This was one and a half months after our initial meeting with her at about 11:30 at night on a Thursday. But right after we mentioned her name, we both receive an email— FROM GRACE, completely out of the blue.  Just as we were talking about her and how she needed community, our smartphones were going off at the exact same time with that email from her.

Some people say things are coincidental, but to say we’re talking about a girl more than a month later and at that exact moment we receive an email from her? That’s not coincidence. I believe God knows our desires to connect with one another and share in His love.  I believe God wants community. 

Oh. And so I read her email… an email about how she realizes she needs community.