God Returned My Stolen Car

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How do you react when things go wrong or when things are taken from you? Do you get angry?  Do you give up?  Our friend K shares an amazing story of how when his car was recently stolen before a very important meeting, he still praised the Lord despite the circumstances, and then God came through for him in a miraculous way. 

God is CRAZY good! Today my car got stolen by two thieves out of a secure valet parking garage. This happened just hours before I had a very important and divine meeting God had set me up for. The valet parking owners said in over 10 years no one has ever stolen a car in the parking garage. I knew it was spiritual warfare to distract me from what I was supposed to do for the Lord.  I asked my friends to pray for me and for the return of my car, and they lifted me up in prayer.

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Despite what happened, I somehow managed to get to my meeting on time, and I was able to do what God had asked of me to do. I even told myself, “No matter what God is still good! Praise Him!” Indeed God is greater and He is in control even when bad things like this happen to us.  I’ve learned to praise Him even in the midst of trail and circumstance. 

I went back to the valet parking after and filed the police report. I saw the actual video where the two thieves stole my car keys and drove off with my car.

Then just now, I was at the rental car service, and I got a random phone call from the police station asking me if my car was stolen. I asked “What do you mean, I just filed a police report with the officer only an hour ago?” The police then said, “We pulled over and arrested a man who is driving your car. It’s this license number, and a white car, correct?”

I am still floored right now by how GOOD God is when we simply praise Him in all things. Even in the good and bad, ups and downs of life, God is still GOOD no matter what and comes through for us. Hallelujah!

I just got my car back from the tow. It is scratched up and dented, but all good it is better than nothing. Thank YOU JESUS!

God is great, always faithful and answers our prayers!

Image credit: Flickr / Xavier de Jaureguiberry