God My Provider

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Does God really speak to us?  How do we know how to hear His voice?  Our friend So-Young shares an incredible testimony of praying, waiting for God to speak, and acting out on faith when her prayers were directly and perfectly answered.

I have been traveling back and forth to Singapore from LA for about a year spending about 30% of my time serving clients and building my new business in Singapore. I was very happy to continue traveling back and forth until I started to get a bit tired of living on a plane and being “Up in the Air” (yes, that’s me). I asked God what He wanted me to do. You see, God was the only reason I was in Singapore in the first place.

Back in November, 2009, I was trying to see where to invest our time as a company in Asia. I used to live in Japan and have strong ties to Korea as a 2nd generation Korean-American so I naturally thought these may be likely candidates. God had a different idea. I stopped in Singapore and I felt God tell me to plant my feet and invest in Singapore. I just felt so strongly to “Invest in Singapore” so I have spent most of 2010 doing just that.

So I said “God, if it is YOUR will and timing for me to move to Singapore, please make it VERY VERY clear as you know I have no real desire to leave LA. I love LA. I love my home by the water which I believe you provided for me. I love my friends and the relationships you have provided. Please make it clear and if I have to move, please make everything EASY.”

In my heart, I wanted to continue living in LA so as I prayed for God’s perfect timing, I asked my Father to help me 1) find someone trustworthy to stay in my room, 2) help me pay rent (as I would not be able to afford 2 rents), 3) allow me to leave my stuff there in my room, 4) be ok with me coming back and forth, as needed, and 5) was flexible in terms of no set timeframes/leases or needs (since I wasn’t sure how long I would be in Singapore). I did nothing about this prayer. I told no one. Was just between me and God.

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About 1 week later, I received a facebook message from a friend in San Francisco who I hadn’t spoken to in about 8 months asking me if I was still looking for a roommate to share my place in LA.  I had asked around for a roommate almost a year ago.  Who still looks for roomates a year later?  He ended up introducing me to one of his SF friends looking for a temporary place in LA. We corresponded over email and I finally met her in person on Friday, September 24.

She loved the place, was trustworthy and listed out her needs. Check. Check. Check. She described all of the 5 criteria I needed. As soon as she left, I knew that was the God’s way of telling me the time for me to go was NOW. Within 30 minutes of her leaving my home, I called my team and my parents to let them know that I had decided to move to Singapore at the end of the month. Everyone was shocked because this is not something I had planned or mentioned to anyone. On October 25, I left LA and came to Singapore.  

If God’s provision and timing were not enough in LA, when I got to Singapore, I had temporary housing with some good friends. I was planning to move into another place that I thought was the perfect place for me so I told my friends that I would quickly check out this new place and would only stay with them for a few days. I thought this was God’s way of providing for my needs. With this new place, I would have to pay rent, of course, but I thought it could be ok given I was getting help with my LA place.

Amazingly God had an even better plan (as he usually does) than my own. When I saw the place I thought I was supposed to take, I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel right. I was confused and bummed. I asked God “I thought this was going to be easy and smooth, Lord. I don’t understand. Lord, I know you know my heart’s desires and needs.” He must have smiled at me when I said this since He had something better in mind.

My good friends ended up asking me to stay longer and as long as I needed to as their guest. In fact, my friend cleared out the closets and their office for me to get settled in. And since I’ve been here, we have been blessing each other tremendously – spiritually (she comes to church with me now where she often couldn’t go), physically (we work out together every morning at their home), emotionally (she doesn’t have to be alone when her husband travels for work which is quite often), and mentally (we give each other business/life advice).

This has been such an easy, smooth transition and God has provided EVERYTHING – even more than I had even planned. I narrowly thought of just the financial stuff and housing. God’s plan included my material needs PLUS providing a unique chance to share life, build deeper friendships and become more disciplined (i have never worked out for more than 2 days in a row – i’m on day 9). When we allow God to take control over our lives, the great news is that He does. And He does it in a way that is bigger, better and more perfect than anything I could ever even dream of. Thank you Daddy for ALWAYS being my provider.

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