Freedom & Midol

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Do you need to be set free from your past?  The sins and struggles of our parents can follow us, but Jesus promises freedom – not just from the cause, but also from the fear of turning out the same.  Our Voice Sherea shares an inspiring story of how God broke the cycle of substance abuse in her family and set her free from fear.

Recently, I had an opportunity to spend time with my mom. We laughed, talked, looked at photos, and of course, we cried.

It’s no secret that my mom struggled with substance abuse most of her adult life  (this is something she would say and use as her testimony, especially now that she is free from that struggle). The details of that situation will remain her story. I am a firm believer in letting others tell their own story,  ‘cause there are always two sides.  I’ll do my best to keep this post one-sided.

Because of HER struggle, I grew up having a fear of taking any medications or other types of symptom relieving drugs because I thought I would struggle with drugs as an adult…[click “Read More” below to continue] I hated going to any doctor because I did not want them to give me drugs.  As a mom I struggled giving, my own kids medications. My husband and I have had numerous conversations about this issue.

I remember suffering through headaches, suffering through monthly cramps and other minor pains. I had never taken anything for “That Time of the Month” (ladies ya’ll know).  Through the years, many women have asked, “ Do you have any Midol or Tylenol?” My constant reply was, “ No, I don’t buy it or use it”.

When I had my first two kids I even refused to take an epidural. It wasn’t until my third child (Kennedy) that the nurses begged my husband to talk me into taking it so I could stop screaming. I did and then an hour later, Kennedy was born.

So what does this mean for me now?

I am happy to announce that I am FREE!!!! Free from feeling trapped, stuck, scared, fearful or whatever. I am my OWN person. People make their mistakes and their mistakes are not inherited by ME!   I am not addicted to drugs …..and taking a Midol to help relieve a little pain won’t make me one.

I am so happy that my MOM is free and so I am!!!

So, the next time you need some Midol, I’ll be carrying some in my purse. The next time I have a headache, I will not hesitate to take something for it. Lastly, if we decide  to have another baby ….. I will be asking for the epidural upon entrance.