Free Prayers at the Farmer’s Market

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Our friend H has a heart to share the gospel with hipsters, liberals and new age spiritual types.  Her approach is creative, non-threatening, loving and inspirational as she tries to share about Christ in a language they would understand.  In this story, H shares about a few of her interactions with people while offering free prayer at a Farmer’s Market.

It’s been on my mind all summer to go to the farmer’s market and hold up a sign for free spiritual readings, dream interpretations, and healing’s. Finally I go now that the summer’s almost over. Everyone stares at me as they walk by. It’s a very peculiar thing I’m doing.

A man walks by and is glancing at my sign but pretending not to. He walks straight past, then he backs up and hangs out at a distance, thinking. He finally comes forward and introduces himself as Michael.

He wants to know if it’s really free. “Yes it’s really free,” I say. “No strings attached.” (That’s one beautiful thing about the gospel.) He says, “Well I guess I’ll take a spiritual reading. Also I could use some healing. Everything was going great for me for the longest time. I was the luckiest guy. Then all of a sudden my luck turned bad and I’ve been just waiting to get out of this pit and start ascending again.”

“Ok let’s see what the Creator wants to say to you.”

I get some stuff about his good character qualities for a while. Then, “You don’t have to answer this question because it’s a bit personal. But do you have overdue credit?”

“Yes I do.”

“Well the Creator would like to heal you of your debt and do some financial miracles for you.” I begin praying over him for financial miracles and a turn around in his life. As I pray, he closes his eyes, turns his head up toward heaven, and opens his arms wide. “Yes!” He’s agreeing with everything I pray. I can tell this is not a usual posture for him, but that he’s truly being touched by heaven.

“Do you feel that?” I ask.


“I feel healing rain falling down on us right now!” I say. “It’s in the spiritual realm, and it’s going to change the physical realm.”

He opens his arms wider and says, “Yes I feel that. I receive.” He’s wiping tears away.

Afterward, he gives me a hug and thanks me.

“My medium is Jesus. Go in peace in his presence.”

Two girls about my age come over. “My friend would like a reading,” one girl says.

I pray for her friend, and the first four things I hear are, “I’m your Daddy. I’m in love with you. You’re precious to me. I love you.” I am so embarrassed and wishing God would give me something else. Finally I get a word about how she’s like a butterfly.

Then the first girl wants a reading, and the same thing happens. “You’re precious to him. He loves you.” I finish, and I find out that they’re believers.

“Oh!” I say, relieved. “That’s why he was saying such gooey stuff.”

A British woman comes and wants a reading. “You have great faith,” I say. “You believe in God don’t you?”

“Yes!” she says enthusiastically.

I prophesy over her for a while. Then she asks if she can ask God a question. “My husband is sick with a brain tumor, and I want to know what to expect.”

“God is saying you should keep believing for healing. Let’s pray together for him right now.” I explain to her how Jesus paid for his healing. I hold her hands and command the tumor to disappear. She agrees with me. She has great faith indeed!

Next a woman shows up with two little girls, about ages seven and five. I crouch down and hold the older girl’s hand first and tell her what God has to say.  She goes to her auntie and says, “I’m a good listener, I give good advice, and I have a beautiful smile!”

Then I do the same for the five year old. “Do you have a loose tooth?” I ask. She nods. “Your Creator says that after it falls out, he’s going to give you another tooth for free!”

Another guy shows up and wants an interpretation for his dream. His dream is really weird and I don’t know what the interpretation is. The only thing I’m hearing is that he has a good heart. “You have a good heart,” I say, and he smiles. Then my left ear clogs up.

“Do you have any problems in your left ear?” I ask 

He looks shocked. “How did you know that?”

“Sometimes the Creator talks to me about things he wants to heal.”

He tells me that he had surgery on his left ear in the past, and in the mornings, he wakes up with a clogged up ear. I put my hand on his ear with his permission and command it to be healed.

My friend Joe shows up. I’ve seen him at many of the poetry slams and open mikes around town. He’s an incredible poet and performer, specializing in haikus. He is there with his friend who is also named Joe.

“What is this you’re doing?” he asks when he sees the sign. “How do you do this?”

“Well my medium is Jesus and I hear from the Creator through my connection with him.”

“I didn’t know you were religious.”

“Well I’m more spiritual than religious.”

He keeps trying to get my religious affiliation out of me, so I tell him I’m a follower of Jesus.

They decide they would like spiritual readings. I give one first to his friend, who offers me free natural path healing therapy in return. This is great because I’ve been wanting this!

Then I give a reading to Joe. “You’re creative,” I say.

“So is he,” says Joe. “He paints beautiful sunsets.”

“Do you paint?” I ask.

“How did you know that?”

“The Creator would like to return the complement.”

Image Credit: Flickr – Bashir Osman