Food For Thought (Dan): “You’re Really Lucky”

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Today I had to go to the County Recorder’s Office in East LA to pick up a copy of my marriage license, and when I got there the line was atrocious – person after person queued up and fanning themselves in the late summer heat.  I was frustrated by the wait, and my patience was really being tested because I’ve become an impatient person when it comes to wasting time.

After more than an hour in the long winding line inching forward ever so slowly (and a dozen or so checks to Facebook Mobile), I finally made it up to the service window.  After all the wait, my heart sank.  The teller at the window told me my Certificate would be mailed and they couldn’t give me a copy in person unless it had already been entered by the County Recorder.  She had to check for me.

At that moment, I prayed in full faith “Lord Jesus, I really need this certificate today so we can file our applications by our deadline.  Would you somehow make it ready for me?  I know you can do anything.”  Despite my prayer, I was still prepared for the worst.

The teller looked up at me with a smile.  “You’re really lucky, you know?  It says here it’s JUST been entered, so I can give you your certificate today.  It normally takes six weeks, but yours was somehow entered in only two.  You’re really lucky.” 

“Yes, I guess I am really lucky,” I said.  Walking back to my car, I couldn’t help but smile.

Pray at all times, pray for the impossible, and watch God move Heaven and Earth out of love for you.  Just believe!  “All things are possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23 (ESV)