Every Day Miracles

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Do the words “mundane”, “boring” and “routine” characterize your Christian lifestyle? Be inspired as our Editor Dan shares about the wild things God is doing through him because of his willingness to go out on a limb in faith. 

I remember one time a well-meaning church elder told me that normal Christian life does not involve a major miracle every day, but is instead filled with the mundane.  I remember being saddened and discouraged, but my wife was quick to encourage me, saying “I don’t know what God he’s talking about, but our God certainly isn’t mundane or boring!”  And that’s continued to be true.  Our God is definitely supernatural.  The Bible is full of miracles, and those miracles continue to this day, in both the big and the small.

I’ve seen God move in the big right before my eyes.  He’s allowed me to see strangers saved from jumping off a bridge in Hong Kong, healed on the spot from a leg injury, and then come to Christ and want to be immediately baptized that same night.  I’ve seen the front lines of spiritual warfare in places like Indonesia where hundreds come to Christ and rush the stage desperate to receive the free gift of salvation they’ve never heard of before.  I’ve seen a girl miraculously freed from lifelong spiritual bondage and physical impairment at a wedding reception of all places.  But recently, God has been confirming again and again that He’s just as real and just as present and miraculous in our smaller daily needs and every day life.

Today for example, I was texting with my friend and brother Touyee when he asked me to pray for his brother and family.  As I was praying for Him, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit really strongly.  I was reminded of this one verse in Luke where Jesus says to Nicodemus:

Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham.” (Luke 19:9 NIV)

I sent him the verse, hoping it would encourage him in his situation.  I couldn’t have believed what he would reply:

“My bible is open to Luke 19 right now!” 

I was speechless.  At the very moment I texted, he had left off reading right at Luke 19 and his Bible was open to the exact page I had quoted from.  What are the chances of that?

And this kind of thing has been happening to me on an almost daily basis.  Just last week I received an email from a musician friend who was discouraged because she was in an industry where people were dishonest and had taken advantage of her when she put her trust in them.  I felt like I needed to write to her to encourage her and offer to pray for her.  I was surprised, but she wrote back to me almost immediately and said yes to my offer.  She needed prayer for strength, confidence and to believe in herself against all that she was facing.

I started to pray for her in my office.  As I was lifting her up, I got this image of a big old brass bell. So I wrote this to her:

“As I was praying I got this image of a big old giant brass bell.  What I like about bells is that no matter how you try to play it, it will always play the note it was designed to play, nothing more and nothing less.  No matter what people try to do, it will always ring true.  Don’t know if that speaks to you, but that’s my prayer for you!”

I didn’t know what to expect or what she would think.  I had gone out on a limb a bit.  Would she would think I was a total weirdo for saying that?  But I’ve learned over time that when God speaks to you about someone you just have to be bold and speak it out or you’ll miss out on seeing Him move spectacularly.

She replied right away, laughing.  At the very moment she received my email, she had just been working on a song on her computer and had opened up the file.  She sent me the song.  This was the title:

“I hear bells.”

About a month ago, a few pastor friends of mine had challenged me to practice waiting prayer every morning, asking Jesus what He wanted to say to me or to my friends.  It has been nothing but life changing.

One day I saw my friend J as I was waiting on the Lord.  He was wearing a graduation cap for some reason.  It was odd because he’s been long out of school.  I shrugged, but figured I should tell him in any case.  So I texted him what I saw.  His response was priceless.  He couldn’t believe what I had said because secretly he had started going back to school at nights after work.  He hadn’t told anyone.  That was God encouraging him.  Showing J that the Lord knew what he was going through and wanted to encourage him in it, even if no one else in the world knew.

Similarly, another day I saw an image of my brother Peter.  Then I saw an egg in a nest that had broken and then the yolk was pouring out.  Then Jesus came and restored the egg back to the way it was supposed to be.  I sent him a description of what I had seen, having no idea whether it would help him or not.  He wrote back that he couldn’t believe what he had read.  He had just had a serious argument with his boss and didn’t think that the relationship could be repaired.  But God wanted to tell him otherwise.  To this day, things are back to normal and Peter and his boss are still working together.  She even gave him a raise!  Who knows what would have happened had be given up that day.

I love that our God works in big, miraculous ways.  But I love it even more than He also works in the smallest of the small, showing us that He is with us every step of the way.

I don’t say any of this to glorify myself.  The truth is that any of this, all of this, and way more than this can and should be your story.  Your testimony to how God is so real, in even the small in your life.

God is moving supernaturally all around you.  There are miracles waiting for you in your every day life if you would just believe and listen.  Let him who has ears hear!

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