Down to My Last Dollar

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Have you ever found yourself completely broke?  Without a dollar to your name, or any money coming in?  Our Story Editor Alix shares a powerful modern-day fishes and loaves story of how when he was at the end of his rope – literally down to his last dollar – he prayed to God in thankfulness and received a financial miracle.

“Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.”  (John 6:11 NIV)

It was warm, early December afternoon as I walked through the entrance of In-N-Out burger.  In less than a few minutes I could be seen exiting those same doors, having found out that I did not have any money in my account and thus could not even buy a hamburger. Upon returning to my car I sat idly for quite some time thinking of what my next move would be. Thankfully this was not a life and death situation as I could always ask to my borrow money from my parents, but as a 24 year-old college graduate my pride would not allow for that.

Frustrated, distraught, and hungry, I pondered my misfortunate circumstance. I thought about my business attempt from the summertime which appeared to have been an utter failure. I worried about how I would get to my minimum wage paying job the next day without any gas money. I thought about my friends who were doing big things and making the big bucks, in comparison to how I only had one measly dollar. In that moment of distress I posted this tweet, “Down to my last dollar. 2011 giveth and 2011 taketh away I guess. By the grace of God I’ll be back up”. 

Shortly after posting the tweet with my car still parked in the In-N-Out lot, the Lord began to minister to me. He reminded me of time when He was faced with the challenge of feeding the 5,000, when the only food available was a small boy’s lunch: five loaves and two fish. I was reminded of how the Lord did not respond to this crisis with worry, stress or frustration. As a matter of fact He didn’t even acknowledge the lack that He was faced with. Instead he responded in a peculiar way. He lifted up the small amount of loaves and fish to Heaven and gave thanks to His Father. He didn’t complain to His Father about the problem, He responded in faith and gave thanks to His Father: knowing that God was willing and able to do the impossible. And we all know how the story goes, God did just that. All of the 5,000 people were fed as the fish and loaves were multiplied, and there was food left over! With this fresh on my mind, I reached into my wallet, grabbed my only dollar, lifted it in the air, and gave thanks to God for that dollar. I also thanked Him for many other wonderful blessings, such as family, friends, and good health.

Looking back on this day four months later, God truly has conducted a fish and loaves miracle upon my finances. Back then I had just one dollar and a minimum wage paying job, where I barely made enough to afford the gas it took to get to work. Now, I am in a leadership position for the number three solar energy company in the United States of America. I have been promoted twice since beginning work in mid-December. I will spare the details but needless to say, God has miraculously multiplied my finances many times over in a short period of time!

To God be the glory! His grace is sufficient for me!



Image credit:MoneyBlogNewz / Flickr