Don’t Give Up. Pray it Up.

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Don’t give up.  Pray it up.  Our Voice Sherea shares an encouraging story of how God knows us and grows us out of His love. 

Last year my husband and I enrolled our daughter KS in our local community youth basketball team.  KS has always expressed her interest in becoming a WNBA basketball player.  By the way, she is only ten years old.  My oldest daughter JC would attend practices with KS and one day decided she wanted to play. JC is 11 and is about 5’6. JC who never expressed interest in basketball, slowly but surely became very noticeable on the court. Besides her being the tallest girl, she was also pretty good.

At the end of the season, JC was chosen to play in the ALL-star game. Oh my! Things were already a little tight in the back seat on the way home from practices, now this. As time passed this became a little tough to deal with as a parent.

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I had to choose between praising one daughter (who initially showed no interested in the sport) and consoling another (at the same time).

The only thing I could do is pray. After tears flowed in our household, My husband decided that he would still take KS to the All Star practices and work with her one on one, while JC practiced with her team. KS practiced everyday, she went to every practice. When the coach gave the kids a brake, KS would go on the court and practice free throws. KS exercised with them and she kept a great attitude.

Because the coach was so impressed with her. He went to the city to request that she be added to the All Star team……. and she was.

This story reminds me of this game called. …LIFE!  When people say no to dreams. When we see that others excel more than we do. When a family member or a friend takes the spot light that was meant for us.  We could get mad, burn bridges and feel sorry for ourselves or we can have a positive attitude, rejoice when others achieve and do well and we can continue to trust God.

I am so glad that KS continued to trust God.

And I’m really glad to know that prayer changes things – even All Star basketball games.