Did You Dream About Kayaking?

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Our friend H has a heart to share the gospel with liberals and free spirits.  Her approach is creative, non-threatening, loving and inspirational as she tries to share about Christ in a language they would understand.  In this story, H shares about how a conversation with a total stranger at a coffee shop became a Holy Spirit encounter.

I’m sitting outside at the local co-op enjoying a bright sunny spring day and drinking coffee. A man comes and sits at the table next to me. He appears to be in his 60s. He’s interested in what I’m writing about in my journal.

“Just writing down my dreams from last night,” I tell him. As if that’s not spiritually charged!

The man is instantly hooked and begins to ask all kinds of questions about my spirituality and experiences. He tells me he had dreams last night but can’t remember them.

“Did you dream about kayaking?” I ask.

“Well no,” he says, “But it’s interesting you say that. I was just planning a kayaking journey. Did you pick up on that?”

I tell him he has an adventurous spirit and the way that he enjoys nature is a blessing to the universe.

We continue to talk and I find out he is an ecologist and an ecology professor. He has true compassion for the earth and the creatures around him. He is a very spiritual person, seeking wholeheartedly the values of non-judgment, peace, love, and freedom. He’s easy to talk to and honoring in his conversation, truly interested in what I have to say.

He tells me of a spiritual experience he had in Brazil, watching a Shaman do a healing ritual. It sounds freaky to me, but I tell him, “Thanks for sharing.”

He asks about my spiritual journey. I share the story of how I became friends with God. He’s moved by that idea, likes the idea of being friends with God.

He is so spiritually open I cannot help but move forward. “Would you like to receive from the Spirit I carry?” I ask him.

“Well sure,” he says. “What does that involve?”

I tell him I carry the Spirit of Jesus. I tell him Jesus is the Source of all Life, and we just call him Jesus now because that was the name he was given when he was born as a human. “If you receive from the Spirit of Jesus, you will become more connected to the Source of your Life, and to the one who gives you inspiration and revelation.”

“Ok, so what should I do?” he asks.

“You just do whatever makes you comfortable and I’m going to impart to you.”

He scoots his chair over beside me and readies himself. I begin to tell him what God is saying about him. I share for about five minutes. He chuckles a few times as I’m speaking. Then I pray that his spirit eyes will be opened to become more aware of the communication that’s happening between him and the Source. Then I fall silent. “That’s all I got,” I say.

His face looks incredibly bright, as if he’s had an epiphany. “It’s like being tickled on the inside, isn’t it?” he exclaims.

“Yes,” I say, laughing, “Yes it is.”

He thanks me and is on his way.

I spend the rest of the day being tickled.

Image credit: flickr / roeyahram