Celine’s Testimony / More Pics from Kingdom Come III

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                                                                                    (All Photos Credit: Jon Lee)

Do you remember the night your life changed?  Celine was one of the eight that decided to get baptized on the spot on Sunday night at Kingdom Come III.  She shares her journey of faith with us, why she made the decision, and how experiencing God’s love for her set her free.

The very first thing God opened my eyes to when I accepted Christ in January 2010, was that there is NO WAY we can ever possibly know God as much as He knows us… only because God is so big that our understanding of who He is… is just a speckle of who He truly is. Therefore if we really want to know who He is, we NEED to love others and get to know others. Through loving and really taking the time to listen to other people’s stories we come a little bit closer to getting to know God more. Through their stories we can see how God works and how God loves outside of just our lives.

And ever since then… I’ve felt convicted to share my story.  I’m almost 21 and the things I’ve experienced still blows my mind. But I believe that my experiences and my stories can be an encouragement for so many people. Especially to young girls, the broken hearted, and to those that are lost. So I’ve taken steps towards putting together a book of all my experiences but before last Sunday I literally felt tied down.

I began doubting myself and my ability to reach out to others. I felt as if I was totally the wrong person to be writing this book. Even though I still felt God tugging at my heart to push on I decided to ignore it because it was too difficult to make sense of why He wanted me… I told myself that I would give everything to God if at Kingdom Come I would be able to make sense of what He wants from me

Throughout the night at Club Tatou, God spoke to me…[Click “Read More” below: Continue Celine’s Testimony / More Pics from KC3] 

God spoke to me – through Dan’s testimony (which is a bit like mine when it comes to love) and through Jaeson Ma’s whole thing on God’s love for us.  Two complete strangers even came up to me telling me that they received visions for me. And it was both of God’s love for me freeing me.. They both told me that a new beginning was about to arrive for me. This beginning will allow me to do great things. After hearing this from the second person I told God to just take me.

In my heart, I let go of everything I’ve ever wanted because His love for me was enough.  God touched my heart, surrounded me with His love, filled my heart with everything I’ve been waiting for (true love). When I was able to accept His love for me I felt as if the chains holding me down, the chains that were holding me back from accepting His love and grace for me literally broke off.

Because He is able to break off my chains, and love me the same no matter how many times I “failed”, no matter how many times I stumbled… I wanted to be able to love Him back the same way. So I started praying “God I am yours, whatever you want to be done use me to do it.”

That’s was right before Jaeson Ma came up to the stage and started talking about baptism. At that moment I just became so overwhelmed with laughter because honestly, God’s timing is funny. He wanted me to claim those words I was just praying. I never thought that I would get baptized in front of complete strangers. I wanted my family and friends to be with me and witness how God was working in my life. But regardless of what I wanted I still went up there. My baptism is definitely a testimony that this life isn’t about us… it is about something MUCH GREATER than us.. Through my baptism I feel as if God’s love will forever define who I am and everything that I do.

Amen, Celine!  Sunday night was a break through for you and for so many others.  Our friend Jon Lee shares some of his wonderful photos from the night: