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“Bonnie Kim has been able to do something that most people would find unimaginable:  forgive the man who sexually molested her.  In this Upper Room interview, Bonnie shares what her childhood was like, including her early exposure to porn and her father’s gambling addiction.  But what could’ve been a life of despair has turned into a mighty testimony.  Bonnie reveals how she found healing through God, and that it is only by His grace that she has been able to forgive and be forgiven. She is now a passionate anti-slavery advocate and founder of Freedom & Fashion. -KAC Media”


At first I was contemplating if posting this up here would be a bit too shocking for our readers, thus a slight reluctance came over me. But I know if it can help you, reader, to know that there is never an end to God’s ability to restore and heal…then please go ahead and see how great our God is! The Lord is still to this day working out issues I have in my life about various relationship damages. My point? That the Lord is always looking for ways to love you, and clean your mess. You are never too stained for God to hold you. Will you allow Him to embrace you today?

“Bless are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom”. Matthew 5:3

(Source: http://blip.tv/)