Artist Testimony: Shin-B the MC

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Being based in LA we sometimes have the opportunity to meet incredibly talented artists and musicians.  Even more inspiring is when they share with us how their faith has helped them overcome obstacles in life and achieve their goals and aspirations as entertainers.  Here at WitnessLA, we are so blessed to be able to launch a new series of artist testimonies with a story from our friend Shin-B the MC.

Shin-B is a female hip hop MC from LA.  She’s performed all throughout the States and toured Korea extensively.  Shin-B has been featured on Power 106 and has performed with the likes of Jay Sean and many others.  She shares with us the story behind one of her new songs “See You There.”

“all things happen for a reason.”

i never understood what that meant. i always felt like life was unfair and that He especially hated me. i didn’t understand why, everything i did and put my heart into failed. i always had to fight to get where i want to go and be where i want to be.

a few years ago, i was in korea and this is where i’d say i reached the lowest, darkest point of my life. i ended up in the ER and it took a toll on me emotionally, physically, and mentally. it was the last straw. i couldn’t take life seriously anymore and contemplated ending my life.

i came back home to la and immediately blocked out everything and everyone. i isolated myself. at what cost must i put myself through all this. i just couldn’t handle it. i was at rock bottom on the verge of ending it. i felt like there was no point in having religion, having faith because i felt He wouldn’t listen anyway, so i began drifting. i began feeling bitterness towards God. it got to the point i didn’t even call myself a Christian anymore. as far as i was concerned, there was no God. but, one day, i got a phone call…[click “Read More” below: continue Shin-B’s testimony, song lyrics, more pictures]

it was from a fellow church member from my grandma’s church in seattle. she broke the news that my grandma had passed. what made it even more tragic was that, her death could’ve been prevented. apparently, she was at the hospital alone with no one to help her communicate with the doctor. she wasn’t very fluent in english at all. the doctor assumed she didn’t want any medication or surgery so he let her be. the doctor didn’t even bother contacting any of her family members. it was complete drama.

at her funeral, i was giving the eulogy and this really opened my eyes to something more. this is what was responsible for my transformation today. it put life in perspective. i began reflecting on my life and everything that’s happened. i was always a weak person and i thought maybe God had me go through all those hardships to strengthen me.

i began realizing the value and lesson hidden behind everything. that i shouldn’t worry or stress or have bitterness because things could’ve been a lot worse. and as time passed, i became stronger and better and better. i began treating my family a lot better. i began treating my friends a lot better. i began treating myself a lot better. and with this renewed spirit, i wanted to reacquiant myself with God, religion, and faith.

it’s funny now when i hang out with old friends. they comment on the change they see in me now and that i’m completely different. i finally feel like i’m on top of a mountain. all that climbing paid off and was in reason. i finally feel like i’m there. even if hardships were to come my way now, i embrace it. i know it’s all for a reason and whether i like it or not, it’s all to help me. help me reach my full potential and live life here with a purpose. now that i understand this concept, i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. it really makes you appreciate everyone and everything.

“See You There”

didn’t vision didnt listen
didn’t try to break from a jail cell prison
on a mission, isolation
insulatin heat with a pain called dissin
and for a second, i felt that i could take it
cuz of an ambition, i felt that i could make it
but who u kiddin, u livin in a world
got too many folks with the same kinda goals
we gotta grow, we got a fault
too many hope, for a rise not a fall
but who to call, where to turn
think u know the road but u dont know at all
a dropped call, broke from static
think u progressed but to them ur stagnant
paid dues but u still make payment
fates been sealed, concrete, like the pavement

i’ll see you (see you when i get there)
i’ll see you (see you when i get there)
see you when i get there

yup, isolation was an answer
didn’t wanna bother with any of ya questions
so i questioned the point of my existence
livin on this earth, but feelin i was dead
leanin on the edge, hangin by a thread
dangle on a cliff, in my hand was a med
do i wanna pop a couple of the pills
do i oughta think it’ll muffle how i feel
do i wanna end it this time for real
if this the solution, do got appeal
it’s a judgment, no more appeals
with chills down the spine with no more the ills
will i see the face of my grandma
will i regret, a bad case of karma
so many downs, it’s a whole lotta drama
is it a goodbye, will i see ya tomorrow

i’ll see you (see you when i get there)
i’ll see you (see you when i get there)
see you when i get there

i know eventually
you’ll see a part of me
and i’ll get there
and i’ll get there