Above and Beyond

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Our friend Michael writes about his adventure when he went above and beyond what he thought was good enough in his radical obedience to God.

Life with God is an adventure. If we let God into our lives and join Him in what He is doing around us, our days would be filled with so much joy and purpose. One night, I was having dinner at pizza place when a homeless kid walked in and then got kicked out from the restaurant. Somehow, I felt like God wanted me to talk him so I saved two slices of pizza from my meal for him. After dinner, I walked outside to hand the food to him but a homeless couple approached me and asked for my food. They were holding up signs that read “HUNGRY” and they had asked me first, so I thought,

“Fine, I guess the pizza was meant for them tonight.” 

I proceeded to head home but a couple of minutes after I walked away, I felt convicted to go back to find that homeless kid. After looking for a while, I finally found him sitting on a bench outside. I asked him if he was hungry and offered to take him to Target to get some food. He agreed and on our way there, we had a chance to talk. He told me that he had been in juvenile hall several times from stealing cars and he ran away from home to come to Los Angeles where he has nothing and did not know anyone. He further told me that security guards would kick him out wherever he goes. As he was speaking, I could not help but notice that he was wearing slippers without any socks on with paper towels wrapped around his feet because of the blisters. 

As we chatted more, I realized that the kid is also a believer and despite his circumstances, he had faith in Jesus. He showed me a tiny torn up bible, which he found on the street that he has been reading. When I asked him how can I pray for him, he quoted Romans and said,

“In our weakness the Holy Spirit helps us to pray.”

Therefore, we started to pray together. As we were praying, he took my hand and held on to it. When we arrived at Target, I bought him some food and some clothes. Just as we were about to check out at the counter, I looked into the basket of stuff we purchased, I could not help but think,

“This is all this kid has in the world. I could go home to a room, to my friends, and a job the next morning, but for this kid, everything he had was in this one red Target basket.”

Something in my heart changed there and then and I felt really grateful for the simple things that I took for granted.

Afterwards, he wanted me to take a photo of him. Even though he did not have a Facebook account, he still wanted my friends to know that he exists. His name is Dre and he is only 19 years old. I gave him the address to my church and he says that he will come.


I was filled with so much joy just by taking a further step to obey Jesus  that night.  Sometimes, I find that the enemy will use good things to keep us from great things. I could have easily decided that the night was over after I gave my food to the homeless couple and have gone home. Maybe the enemy thought that I would want to go home because I would think that I have done enough. But if I did just stop at that one good deed, I would have missed out on the opportunity extend God’s love to Dre reminding him that he is not forgotten. By obeying God, I hitched a ride to a great adventure by witnessing God move in Dre’s life that night.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen”

-Ephesians 3:20-21

Brothers and sisters, let us go above and beyond in obedience to and together bring the presence of God to the people in this city. 

Photo Credit: Flickr/Wwward0