A Chance to Say Goodbye

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Our friend G works in a local emergency room.  He recently witnessed a medical miracle and shares about the experience.  If you ever doubt that God loves and cares about us, even in the little things, this story will change your mind.

Recently, I saw a man practically raised from the dead. I work in an emergency room, and an older gentleman was brought in. As he was being registered, he suddenly slumped over. He was rushed into a bed and it was found he had no pulse. The team immediately began trying to save his life.

We pumped his heart with chest compressions, administered different types of drugs to stimulate his body, and shocked him numerous times trying to rouse him with the best of modern scientific methods. After nearly an hour of efforts and hope was drawing near to an end, I sent up a prayer to God, “Lord, please give this man another chance. Just one.” Shortly after that, we stopped and checked for a pulse. Beep, beep, beep. The machine showed a normal heart rhythm…we felt a pulse. Sweat dripping, the team stopped. Relieved, we quickly cleaned up, preparing for action once again, knowing that at any second, this man could die again. 

Now anyone who has seen this happen knows that this is no miracle. It is rare to regain a pulse, but no miracle. Usually, people who have been unconscious and without a pulse can regain a pulse, but are mindless and in a coma. So where is the miracle?

Well, we all resumed our normal activities, and the man’s wife came in to see her unconscious husband – a man she had loved her whole life. As she stroked his head, tears welling in her winkled, saddened eyes. She spoke gently to him, words she hoped would reach him in his dreaming. But then, out of nowhere, the man slowly opened his eyes. She smiled and called to him again. She spoke comfort to him as she looked into his eyes and smiled… and he spoke back. He was able to speak – unheard of for someone in his condition.  He held her hand gently and looked up at her lovingly. That moment lasted a lifetime for them, as the life they had shared together was recounted in mere seconds. It was their final opportunity to say, “I love you, I always have, thank you for our life together. Goodbye for now.”

Later on that night, the man passed.

The miracle here was the grace God had given this man to and his family to say their final goodbye. As we debriefed, there were nurses who had worked in the emergency room for 50 years. In all their experiences, they had only seen this happen a handful of times, literally less than five. It was so incredible that when that man starting speaking again out of the blue, all the staff just rushed to his bedside and clapped, simply because nobody knew what else to do. We were all moved by awe. It was a miracle…


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