A Beautiful Mosaic

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I’ve shared before about how I run a non-profit called Freedom and Fashion.  A few weeks ago I was on the phone with one of our FnF team members for more than 4 hours.  In the last hour, we ended up praying.

As we were praying, she saw pictures of weeds that God was pulling out.  She discerned the weeds to be distractions, and these were the distractions that have been cropping up all around our team, but the Lord wanted them out!  It’s funny because that was exactly what a few friends from my small group discerned for me personally just the night before.  I was complaining to them about a situation with a partner of FnF, and I was getting angry and frustrated at the injustice.  My friends could see how my anger and frustration with that partner was keeping me from experiencing God’s peace, and that it was a form of spiritual warfare meant to keep me discouraged and distracted from what I was really called to be doing.  They warned me not to give in to the distractions because they were not from God.

So as my FnF team member and I kept praying that night, I also felt the Holy Spirit showing me things about her.  I said to her, “I feel the Lord is going to take all these shattered pieces of you and make it into a beautiful moasic.”

I didn’t know at the time, but that word hit her deeply.  Later on, still thinking about what the Lord had put on my heart for her, she asked me ”did you happen to go onto Facebook today?”

I replied that I was Facebook fasting, so no.

She said, “because on my Facebook status I put ‘God take these broken pieces of me and make me whole.’”

Isn’t the Lord great?

Solei Deo Gloria!