“This Just Made My Night”

God can move in the big and in the small. Our Editor Dan shares about experiencing God on a normal, unassuming trip to The Home Depot.

Family prayer

Please pray for my family. Thank you!

Prayer for Our Readers

Please pray for every reader and every person that finds our site that they may encounter the love of Christ and know that they are loved and are not alone!

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

  Our friend Nate from Orange County has one of the most powerful and incredible testimonies we have ever heard. At only 25, Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer and was given 6 months to a year left…


A Double Portion

Have you ever felt pain that you thought you would never recover from? My sister Denise shares how God not only helped her with the loss of her son but also blessed her in double portion. My name is Denise.…